Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX560 OC Graphics Card 2G GDDR5 HDMI / DVI-D / DP

  • Brand: Sapphire
  • MPN: 11267-02-20G
  • Part #: VGASAP9560
  • UPC:840777077405

RRP: $249.00
RRP: $286.35
$169.00  +GST$194.35 INC

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Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX560 OC Graphics Card 2G GDDR5 HDMI / DVI-D / DP

  • Brand: Sapphire
  • MPN: 11267-02-20G
  • Part #: VGASAP9560
  • UPC:840777077405

RRP: $249.00
RRP: $286.35
$169.00  +GST$194.35
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  • Product Model
    RX 560
  • Memory Size
    2GB Memory
  • Base Clock Speed
    1201Mhz - 1400Mhz
  • Display Ports
  • HDMI Ports
  • DVI Ports
  • Max Displays
  • Length
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RRP: $249.00
$169.00Excluding GST
RRP: $286.35
$194.35Including GST
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Intelligent Fan Control

For high-end graphic card users, we always like to get the best performance, running GPU cooler ,quieter and longer life.
Traditional graphic cards cooling solutions mainly focus on keeping GPU at lower operation temperature while balance acoustic for end users to enjoy a quieter gaming experience. At Sapphire our experienced thermal experts always fine tuning the fan control table for each graphic card we designs.

Frame Rate Target Control

Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) enables users to set a target maximum frame rate when playing an application in full screen mode; the benefit being that FRTC can reduce GPU power consumption (great for games running at frame rates much higher than the display refresh rate) and therefore reduce heat generation and fan speeds/noise on the graphics card.

DirectX® 12

DirectX® 12 is a new, "console-like" graphics API from Microsoft® that empowers game developers with more direct and obvious control of PC hardware. This direct or "explicit" control better exposes the hardware resources of AMD Radeon™ GPUs to yield higher hardware throughput and, ultimately, more performance for users. To put it simply: much more efficient hardware through smarter software! At the discretion of a game developer, this superior efficiency can be spent on higher framerates, lower latency (VR), lower power consumption, better image quality, or some calculated balance of all four. In any scenario, gamers stand to benefit greatly from choosing AMD hardware to run their favorite DirectX® 12 game.

AMD Freesync technology

AMD FreeSync™ technology allows a compatible graphics card and monitor to dynamically change frame rates for the optimum display quality without tearing or stuay.

AMD XConnect™ Technology

Now it's easier than ever to connect and use an external Radeon™ graphics card. With AMD XConnect™ technology, external GPU enclosures configured with Radeon™ Graphics can easily connect and disconnect to a compatible ultrathin notebook or 2-in 1 over Thunderbolt™ 3 at any time, just like a USB flash drive-a first for external GPUs!

AMD Eyefinity Technology

We are taking you beyond the boundaries of traditional PC displays. AMD Eyefinity technology expands the traditional limits of desktop computing by multiplying your screen area. With multiple monitors, games become more immersive, workstations become more useful and you become more productive (an average of 42% more productive according to one study).

Harness the power of multiple GPUs

AMD CrossFire™ technology is the ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform. Unlocking game-dominating power, AMD CrossFire™ harnesses the power of two or more discrete graphics cards working in parallel to dramatically improve gaming performance.1 AMD CrossFire™ technology ready graphics cards fit practically every budget. With the flexibility to combine two, three or four GPUs, AMD CrossFire™ technology is the perfect solution for those who demand extreme performance.


1024 Stream Processors
14 nm FinFET 
4th Graphics Core Next (GCN)
1300 MHz Boost Engine Clock

128 bit Memory Bus
GDDR5 Memory Type
1750 MHz, 7000 MHz Effective
2 GB Size

BIOS Support
Maximum 3 Outputs
1 x DVI-D
1 x HDMI
1 x DisplayPort 1.4

3840x2160 (120Hz) Pixel DisplayPort Resolution
2560x1600 (60Hz) Pixel Dual Link DVI Resolution
3840×2160p (60 Hz) HDMI Resolution

OpenGL® 4.5
OpenCL 2.0
DirectX® 12
Shader Model 5.0

AMD CrossFire
FreeSync Technology
AMD Eyefinity
AMD Xconnect ready
DirectX™ 12 Optimized
HDR Ready
Frame Rate Target Control
Fuse protection
Precision fan control
Radeon Chill
Radeon Relive

Single fan
Form Factor
2 Part Slot Occupied
210(L)X 112(W)X 36 (H) Dimension /mm

Power Consumption
Manufacturer Part No: 11267-02-20G Brand: Sapphire Product Type: Graphics Card
UPC 840777077405 Product Family: Pulse Radeon Shipping Weight: 1 kg
PB Part No: VGASAP9560 Product Model: RX560 OC

Warranty: 24 months *
* Warranty period is as stated above unless the manufacturer has chosen to specify a longer period.
All warranties are return to base unless otherwise specified.

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