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Hi Pbtech, how would this be at running Fortnite?? Asked by: Guest on 10 February 2021
At 1080p max settings, over 60fps, since Fortnite is not a demanding game. This is the same for all the prebuilt gaming PC's.
Answered by: PB Tech on 11 February 2021
It is just like any desktop computer, you can enable/disable the WiFi and it has an ethernet port.
Answered by: PB Tech on 7 February 2021
No, internal components for this are not RGB and no case LED strips.
Answered by: PB Tech on 10 April 2021
No, as part of the Consumers Guarantees Act, we are not obligated to refund or remedy if a consumer changes their mind or fails to do the proper research. We advertise the product accurately, and trust our customers to do further research, especially into independent reviews, or seek advice from us, to choose the right product. If you require assistance in choosing the right product, please talk to salesperson in-store or visit:
Answered by: PB Tech on 31 January 2021
1 Year for the product as a whole. Individual components will have their separate warranty periods. For example the PSU will have 5 year warranty.
Answered by: PB Tech on 26 January 2021
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