Christmas Gift Guide

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Gifts for Gadget Lovers

ToSing Microphone

Do they love to sing? This ToSing Microphone is excellent.

NEW! The ToSing Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is the perfect Christmas gift for a music lover that loves to belt out the tunes whenever a song comes on, this Bluetooth enabled microphone will allow them to share that passion with everyone.

Built to last, with a quality microphone and built-in speakers that are top notch, the ToSing Karaoke Microphone is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Do they have a lot of gadgets? This will help to keep them charged.

NEW! The Orico Ultra Slim Power Bank is a slim 9.7mm option for keeping their tech charged up! Featuring twin USB for charging and a fast output of 5v/2.4A this one can also get those important gadgets back into the green fast.

Small enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag and ready for when they need some urgent power, this device is sure to be put to good use in the holidays ahead.

Orico 5000mAh Power Bank

Want a helpful gadget gift? This is one smart reminding device!

A champion of Kickstarter, this awesome little invention fixes your screen slouch and corrects your posture as you go about your life. With one tap, the Upright Go vibrates to make you aware when you’re slouching to encourage better posture habits and helps to prevent future back problems later in life.

Early-bird users are already loving this little gadget – get yours in time for Christmas and get started on your New Years Resolution to not slouch.

Do they like wearable tech? Check out this awesome Smart Watch.

This revolutionary smartwatch allows you to download your favorite songs and playlists to power your workout offline. Store up to 500 tracks from Spotify, including your own MP3s, and you only need 1 initial pairing to your smartphone to get set up. You can leave your phone behind and still listen to your favourite tunes - awesome!

With Water Lock mode, you can continue to use your smartwatch in the pool, shower or sea. The swim-proof Gear Fit2 Pro helps you stay motivated, maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve all your fitness goals. Packed with all the goodies from the previous Gear Fit Pro such as a heart rate monitor, built in GPS, compatible with loads of awesome everyday apps and easy touch-screen navigation, a tech fanatic will surely get a kick out of this wicked little piece of wearable tech.

And it even tells the time! A-ma-zing!

Are they always losing their keys? Problem solved with a smart tracking gadget!

This sweet little Bluetooth tracker helps to locate misplaced phones, keys or other items using location and map technology. To find anything you attached your Tile to, you just open the app, ring if it’s nearby, or check the map for its last known location.

It’s engineered to run an entire year without any need for upkeep, charging or replacing batteries – and when you need a new Tile, the replacement programme allows you to upgrade at a discount.

A handy little gift that won’t break the bank!

Do they love the latest technology? Check out this smart assistant.

NEW! They love having the Google Smart Home Assistant! Simple ask it questions and get answers - ideal for quickly finding information about events, the weather, news, sports and more! You can ask questions like  "Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?" or ask it to do things like "Hey Google, wake me up at 6:30 AM tomorrow." They can even have this smart device control your favourite music, movies and shows, using only their voice.

"Hey Google, play some Christmas music."

Gifts For Gamers

Cooler master Masterkeys Lite L Keyboard

Do they play games at night? This keyboard and mouse combo has RGB lighting.

NEW! This new Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L Keyboard & Mouse Combo is packing CM’s own mem-chanical switch which feels great and it’s also sporting some very impressive RGB lighting on both the keyboard and mouse.

The kickstands have a grippy texture along the back so when you’ve got the keyboard laying flat it still sticks to your desk like glue, even during the most intense battles!

Do they play games online? This headset has a great microphone.

NEW! Perfect for multiplayer games like PUBG in which clear communication can win you the game, this Cooler Master MH320 Masterpulse Gaming Headset has a great microphone and some perfectly angled leather ear cups on a springy, flexible steel frame that’s extremely lightweight.

The angle of the earcups is somewhat unique in the way that it fits, having this slight tilt allows for your ears to be enveloped, providing full cup coverage without pressing down on the back of the ear for comfortable gaming into the long hours of Christmas night!

Cooler Master Masterpulse MH 320 Headphones

Do they want a powerful gaming laptop? This HP Omen has superb price/performance.

This HP Omen Gaming Laptop ticks all the boxes for a portable gaming system thanks to its intel i7 quad core processor and GTX graphics inside with AC Wireless and Bluetooth to keep you connected. The slim design lets you take on any challenge while the red LED backlit keyboard helps to keep you accurate through the longest missions.

ShadowPlay ready, this Nvidia laptop allows to capture your gameplay for showing friends later and you can even stream your best gaming moments directly on to Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

They'll be up all night with this one waiting under the tree, see this and more amazing gaming laptops at PB Tech today!

Wanting the latest in gaming gear? This wireless charging mouse pad is brand new tech.

A game changer in the wireless peripheral world, the Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System continuously charges a G703 or G903 wireless mouse. Even whilst you game, this mouse pad provides your mouse with continuous power without substituting precision, connectivity or a lag-free gaming experience.

This awesome gaming mouse is not only comfortable and smooth to rid you of clunky peripheral experiences but also comes with a choice of two mouse pad surfaces – cloth or hard - to suit your preferences. Remove the need to have to charge your wireless mouse before use with the Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System, a revolutionary product in gaming peripheral technology. 

It's going to be a wireless Christmas! Check out this and more mouse accessories at PB Tech today!

Hunting for the greatest gaming mouse? Get the one trusted by top eSports athletes.

Compatible with the above POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System, the Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse is great for work or play and is able to be used wired or wireless. Featuring a 1-millisecond response rate with highlight optimized 2.4GHz wireless connection, this mouse delivers incredible responsiveness for gaming even when used wirelessly.

Comfortable, satisfying and accurate with an ambidextrous design and gorgeous programmable RGB lighting, any PC gamer will get a kick out of using the Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse trusted by the top esports professional gamers. 

Sleigh all rivals with this epic gaming mouse! Check out this and more great gaming mice at PB Tech today!

Have they already got a Nintendo Switch? This is one of the best games available.

Choo choo, the nostalgia train is here! If your Gamer owns a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a must-have to play on the newest Nintendo console. Relive the excitement of Mario Kart on the Wii U – now available for the Switch!

Race as your favourite iconic Nintendo characters along dozens of bright & exciting tracks, customising your kart along the way to win racing tournaments and unlock new tracks. Friends & family can join in on the fun with multiplayer mode and verse each-other in this fun-loving game perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Race around the Christmas tree! Check out more great options in the Nintendo Store at PB Tech today!

Are they using a regular office chair? This is a big upgrade.

Every gamer wants a comfortable gaming experience – and the ThunderX3 TGC15 Gaming Chair offers just that. Its padded seat with neck & back cushions provides all-day comfort for marathon gaming sessions, as well as its back tilting 180 degrees for those much-needed power naps between matches.

Adjustable seat height means your gamer will be able to set their chair up to perfectly suit them & their rig. The upholstered faux leather is splash proof, so it’s safe from those accidental drink & snack spills, and being designed quality solid materials means these chairs are built to last. Plus it’s red – and who doesn’t love the colour red? 

Kick back and relax these holidays! Check out the full range of Gaming Chairs at PB Tech today!

Gifts For Fitness Freaks

TomTom 4K Action Camera

Do they record their extreme adventures? Check out this 4K action cam.

NEW! This rough and tough TomTom 4K Action Camera is special in the way that it contains built-in sensors to monitor speed, G-force, altitude, and rotation while capturing the most exciting activities in crisp 4K resolution.

Easy to attach with the Go-Pro Mount Adapter included this model has a long life battery which will allow the lucky adventurer up to three hours of non-stop filming.

Do they need a sporty smartwatch? This one is made for it.

NEW! They’ll be both fit and connected with the Samsung Gear Sport Smart Watch, a durable device that will help them to exercise while tracking both calories and daily life stuff.

With the training guide companion app on their phone they’ll be able to choose from a number of different workouts have the Gear Sport guide them through the motions while it monitors their heart rate.

Samsung Gear Sport Smart Watch Black

Shopping for a music and gadget lover? These wireless earbuds are simple amazing.

Leave your phone at home – the Gear IconX earbuds work as standalone media players with 4GB of storage. Built for exercise and designed to stay put in your ears during physical activity, these are the ultimate earbuds for gym bunnies and fitness junkies. You can upload your music straight from your phone to these earphones and create playlists for different settings: one for the gym and one for going for weekend walks, for example. Easy to control with simple tab & swipe navigation, you can adjust volume and skip tracks without the need to pull out your phone.

A perfect fit, even for elf ears! Check out these are more great options in Headphones & Earphones at PB Tech today!

Do they enjoy running? This set of wireless earbuds have a sporty, secure fit.

Awesome for running, the Jaybird X3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones are locked and loaded for sports. Patented ear fins hug key sections on the ear to provide a secure and comfortable fit and last up to 8 hours before needing another recharge.

You can customise the bass and other sound levels outputted from your earbuds and save your preferences for future listening. Sweat-proof and able to pair to two devices at once with Bluetooth, you can also sync a playlist to a compatible smartwatch and pair with your buds – so there’s no need to lug your smartphone around whilst exercising.

An awesome gift for the sporty people in your life, come Dasher and Dancer and Prancer, these provide a secure fit for all!


The best value fitness tracker around, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker boasts a heart rate monitor, OLED display with touch button, activity & sleep tracking, and a splash resistant design - as well as the ability to take call, txt & email alerts and a massive battery life of up to 20 days!

Compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones it’s perfect for fitness gurus of all ages – as a simple tap of the touch button shows you your daily steps and heart rate. Plus, the improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters out unnecessary movements so features such as 'steps taken' are measured more accurately. 

Get to wrap around your wrist this Christmas! Check out this and more Smart Wearables at PB Tech today!

Gifts For Smartphone Addicts

Apple Watch Series 3

Do they have an iPhone? Get them an Apple Watch.

NEW! The Apple Watch Series 3 will not only tell them what time it is so they don’t miss out on Christmas dinner, it will also help track all that additional workouts needed to burn it off.

With built-in GPS and a new altimeter the updated Workout app includes high-intensity interval training and auto-sets for swimming laps, it’s waterproof and the built-in speakers have a neat feature that ejects water afterwards with sound vibrations.

Also great for dispensing endless amounts of musical motivation in the holidays ahead!

Do they need a durable smartphone? This one has an IP68 certification.

NEW! Stunning glass and metal design, water resistance, & dual cameras in one slick package with the Motorola Moto X4 Dual SIM Smartphone. With an IP68 rating this very smart phone is water resistant, helping to keep it protected from dust, splashes and even muddy puddles.

Packing excellent performance thanks to the SnapDragon octo-core inside, this Motorola Moto X4 also features a dual sim slot making it perfect for travel while handy shortcuts give you quick access to the features you use most, like turning on the camera with just a twist of your wrist.

Motorola Moto X
Oppo R11 Smartphone FC Barcelona

Are they a soccer fan? This smartphone features the FC Barcelona emblem.

NEW! The colouring and emblem embody 118 years of glory and the spirit of FC Barcelona is not only embodied into the aesthetic exterior of the phone, it's built into a special theme within this beautiful R11 OPPO Smartphone also.

It all comes together in a stylish, simple and elegant smartphone design but best of all, under all this design lurks a powerful R11 with dual 20MP cameras ready to provide sporty photographers with unprecedented clarity.

Perfect for taking a shot with the team at the next match!

Do they like quick access? This smartphone has a fingerprint sensor.

NEW! The Vodafone Smart N8 is a companion for those on the go. With swift & secure fingerprint access they’ll be happily enjoying all the features this excellent smartphone has to offer - without the hassle of the usual passcode to unlock it.

The enhanced camera takes great pictures and with 16GB of internal storage, there’s plenty of space to capture and store the best holiday moments.


Vodafone Smart N8 Smartphone

Would they love a new high-end smartphone? This one has an excellent camera and screen.

This new Motorola smartphone is a must-have for smartphone enthusiasts. Sleek, stylish, and built to be dual-sim system compatible with all 4 major cellular networks in NZ (Skinny, Vodafone, Spark & 2Degrees), the Motorola Moto G5s & G5s Plus are great for those on-the-go, travelling, or those who use both a work and personal number but hate the bulkiness of carrying 2 phones on their person.

Phone enthusiasts can stay unplugged even longer with a 3000 mAh battery that lasts all day – and the included TurboPower charger provides up to 5 hours of battery life with just a quick 15-minute charge.

Keep in touch this Christmas, check out this and more in the Motorola Store at PB Tech today!

Are they charging many devices at once? This wall plug has multiple ports.

If your smartphone enthusiast has multiple devices on-hand, they’ll need a wall charger like this that charges several of their gadgets at once.

The Orico 4 Port USB Wall Charger is built to quickly charge up to 4 different smart devices simultaneously and doesn’t take up valuable wall ports whilst doing so. Each individual port is integrated with over-voltage and short-circuit protection, so your smartphone addict will be able to charge their devices quickly & worry-free!

Plenty of ports for everyone! Check out this and more great USB Wall Chargers at PB Tech today. 

Is their new device wireless charge compatible? Check out this excellent Qi pad.

If your smartphone addict in question has the latest flagship device built with wireless charging, this Qi wireless charging pad is the accessory they’ll need.

Compatible with the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 & S6 series, this awesome device is well-built, super affordable and allows smartphone owners to charge their devices without the need for cables or chargers. Say goodbye to charging cords and hello to the future of tech. 

Charging up the Christmas Season indeed, check more great options in smartphone accessories at PB Tech today!

Going on a holiday? This portable charging bundle covers the essentials.

Your one-stop-shop for all things charging, this smart charging travel bundle contains a 10000mAh Dual-port Powerbank to charge 2 devices on the go at once, a dual-port car charger perfect for road trips, a 4-port Universal Wall Charger with NZ, China, US, UK & Europe plug adapters!

No matter where you're heading these holidays you’ll be able to charge all your phones, tablets, MP3 players and more!

The perfect gift for those always on-the-go or someone about to embark on an epic summer holiday, check out this and more great portable charging options in Power Banks at PB Tech today.


Looking for a new smartphone at a great price? These ones are excellent value.

An awesome gift to get the smartphone addict, the Meizu M5s sports a 5.2-inch HD screen with IPS display technology that provides a wider viewing angle and precise, natural colors. The display's smooth color dynamics are rendered through 2.5D curved glass whilst Flyme's innovative smart eye-care protective mode helps with comfortable reading in low light and dark environments.

M5s is powered by a 64-bit, 8-core processor that results in high power and efficient performance. In addition, 3GB of RAM enables the device to handle the most intensive gaming and social networking apps! Check out this and more great smartphones at PB Tech today!

Gifts For Movie Buffs

Looking for something everyone can enjoy? A 4K screen like this is incredible for the living room.

This stunning television is the LG 65" OLED 4K TV and with its perfectly black screen, vivid life-like images, intense colours and stunning 4K resolution, it looks good in any home.

The Movie Buff in your life will certainly appreciate Dolby Atmos sound for intense film experiences, gorgeous OLED display, and Active HDR which dynamically enhances the contrast of all content you watch scene-by-scene to create the perfect viewing experience. As a Smart TV you can stream Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Video and more straight to your television with built-in apps, used in conjunction with the LG Magic Remote to make browsing and viewing content a breeze. 

It's a wonderful life in 4K, check out this and more in TV, Video & Audio at PB Tech today!

After something small but still awesome? This streams smartphone content to a TV with ease.

Google’s Chromecast is the ultimate television accessory and is a perfect gift for film junkies. A fan favourite amongst PB customers and the tech industry, Chromecast is the easiest way to enjoy online video & music on your TV sent from your phone or PC.

Simply plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV and use your mobile device to cast your favourite TV shows, movies, music, sports, games and more. 

Streaming the best shows this Christmas! Check out this and more in the Google Store at PB Tech today!

Do they love Apple products? This is made by Apple, and the remote looks nice.

If your movie buff has a 4K TV, this is the accessory to get them this Christmas. Apple TV 4K lets you watch movies and programs in amazing 4K HDR quality. It offers great content from iTunes and apps like Netflix, ThreeNow, YouTube & more, whilst offering a stunningly crisp picture using four times more pixels than a standard HD TV. 

The Apple TV Remote has a precise Touch surface, so you can use your thumb to quickly and accurately find what you want. You can also adjust the volume on your TV or A/V receiver, and thanks to Bluetooth, you don't have to point your remote at your TV as Apple TV picks up your commands from anywhere in the room.

An Apple from the tree indeed! Check out this and more in the Apple Store at PB Tech today!

This LG sound bar with wireless subwoofer makes a perfect gift for someone that already has a new or new-ish large screen TV

Upgrade your movie buff’s television audio with this awesome Sound Bar from LG. Designed for use with 32” and larger displays, this sound bar has both standard and bass blast modes to suit your entertainment preferences and looks sleek & stylish in your home theatre set up. Plus, pair the subwoofer with your Bluetooth devices to wirelessly stream audio from smartphones, tablets & computers.

They'll be blasting out the Christmas carols! Check out this and more top Audio at PB Tech today!

Smartab Streamachine X13

Do they like BIG screens? This tablet has a 13.3” 1080P display.

NEW! The Smartab StreaMachine x13 is all about giving the user a big, full HD screen to enjoy in a tablet designed for multimedia.

The 13.3” 1920x1080 resolution display will allow them to feast those eyes on their favourite shows, while a massive 10,000mAh battery will help to keep them free from cables for longer.

Gifts For Music Lovers

Sennheiser HD 450 BTNC Wireless Headphones

Do they listen everywhere? These wireless headphones have active noise cancelling.

NEW! The new closed-back Sennheiser HD 4.50 Wireless Headset is elegantly minimalistic, yet robust design crafted from high-quality materials. Great for the music aficionado with an active lifestyle and capable of producing stunningly detailed and powerful sound, with the latest wireless technology.

Featuring Sennheiser's NoiseGard™ active noise cancellation they’ll happily be enjoying their favourite music in peace for many a Christmas to come.

Do they have high-quality audio? Check out these high fidelity headphones.

NEW! The Blue Lola is a completely reimagined headphone that will reveal new levels of detail in their favourite music and since much of music we love was recorded with Blue microphones, the talented team have created a headset capable of delivering music truthfully and powerfully. Everything from Lola’s revolutionary ergonomics to its massive custom drivers was designed for the true music listener.

An audio gift they will truly cherish.

Blue Lola Sealed Headphones

Do they enjoy the beach with friends? Perfect for summer, these speakers are the best.

Fun, funky and perfect for summer, the UE BOOM 2 has insanely great 360 degree sound to keep those long summer nights filled with awesome tunes.

Waterproof, dirt-proof, shockproof and portable, you can take this splendid Bluetooth speaker virtually anywhere. Plus, you can pair a bunch of ‘em together for a sound blast of awesomeness.

Available in a wicked variety of colours (including the special edition All Blacks speaker that does the haka!) there’s a UE BOOM 2 to suit anyone. Check out the full range in the Ultimate Ears Store at PB Tech today!

Are they music obsessed? These high-end headphones are the top choice.

These Sennheiser HD 600 Premium Audiophile Reference Headphones are certainly a set that music lovers will definitely want to wrap around their heads.

With focused, smooth vocals – these headphones have a legacy within the music and audio community for setting a standard of their own in terms of audio quality. Hear details in songs you’ve never heard before and look good doing so with a sophisticated, elegant design.

Any serious music lover will fall head over heels for a pair of these headphones this Christmas! Check out more great premium headphone gift ideas in the Sennheiser Store at PB Tech today!

Looking for something beautiful? This headphone stand is curvy and gorgeous.

This stylish wooden headphone stand looks good on any desk. Hang your headphones or gaming headsets up on this sleek wooden headphone stand with a gorgeous walnut finish.

With a unique contemporary style, your headphones will look awesome in the home office, studio, bedroom, or next to your TV. And at a great price, what’s not to love?

After something retro geek? This turntable suitcase with speakers is both highly functional and cool.

Crosley turntables have made their mark in the vinyl world and this Star Wars Limited Edition Record Player design is no different. An awesome gift for a geeky music lover, this three-speed turntable combines out-of-this-world iconic movie poster art from the classic Star Wars films with practical music playing systems.

Not only does it play vinyl, but it also has a Bluetooth receiver with pitch control and stereo speakers and a headphone jack so you can play music old-school and new-school. Check out this and more great Turntables at PB Tech today!

Gifts for PC Enthusiasts

Shopping for a high-end PC user? A monitor is the most important peripheral.

If they spend a lot of time in front of a screen it should be with this incredible monitor from LGTreat their eyes with a gorgeous 34” 3440x1440 resolution screen on a super sleek and stylish metal stand, even when it's turned off it's stunning to behold but turn it on and the explosion of colours takes your breath away while the ultra-wide curved frame of the display seemingly wraps around, immersing you in a digital world.

This LG monitor provides remarkable clarity and sharp picture quality while packing in a bunch of great extras like integrated USB Type-C connections, split screen modes and FreeSync making it a top choice for creative professionals, photographers and gamers alike.

Their eyes will surely light up when they feast them on this merry monitor! Check out this and more great Monitors at PB Tech today.



Do they want to play all the latest games? A top-tier PC will make it possible.

NEW! The perfect gift for that PC obsessed gamer in your life, the GGPC Blaze Gaming PC is a top-tier option that will outpace the latest gaming consoles when it comes to sheer computing power.

This amazing Gaming PC features the latest Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti graphics card for absolutely massive gaming power. Crafted with care in the small and stylish Corsair 460X chassis with tempered glass panels to show off all the glorious components within.

All GGPC Gaming PC come fully assembled and are plug-in-and-play with the Windows 10 operating system pre-installed and handy software to get them into their favourite games right away.

They'll be all lit up like a Christmas tree with this glorious gaming PC, check out the full range of Gaming PC at PB Tech today!

Looking to update their desk setup? This full wireless combo is a great option.

Ideal for anyone that likes to spend quality time on the world wide web, this beautiful wireless keyboard and mouse combo was designed with advanced ergonomics making it one of, if not the most comfortable in the world today.

The keyboard has a unique split layout keeps forearms in a relaxed position while the cushioned palm rests are like a soft hammock for your wrists. While it likely enhances productivity and reduces stress that isn't the main reason we love this combo, the simple fact is I'm typing on one right now and it's just a joy to use!

This isn't just a great keyboard though, the combo does, of course, include a mouse - and it's a pretty unique one too. The design of the mouse allows you to take control while maintaining the natural angles of your hand, rather than twisting the wrist you sort of grip the mouse like a handshake, and it just feels natural, you'll still enjoy the same scroll wheel and left/right mouse clicks but also get a handy windows button on the tip of your thumb making navigation easier than ever before... and they didn't stop there, this awesome combo includes a third item also, a wireless numpad with which we can punch in numbers like a boss.

They'll certainly be wrapped with this wireless keyboard & mouse combo, check out this and more great Keyboards at PB Tech today!

Do they have Virtual Reality? These haptic headphones add to the experience.

NEW! The new SkullCandy Crushers Wireless Headphones have a very special feature that makes them ideal for Virtual Reality - they have adjustable haptic feedback for even more immersion in the VR space.

Just like the HTC Vive controllers, having these on will allow the lucky player to feel the audio from the world that surrounds them.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones
Blue Spark Blackout SL XLR Microphone

Do they stream games on Twitch? Blue is the #1 microphone choice!

NEW! Upgrade their home studio or streaming setup to full broadcast studio level with the epic Blackout Spark SL Microphone. With a professional XLR connection and versatile switches, this will give them that broadcast studio voice that will transform their live Twitch streams and YouTube videos with superb detail and rich harmonic audio for the ultimate in professional sound.

They’ll be talking about this awesome present for a long time!

LittleBits Star Wars Droid R2-D2

Are they are a budding engineer? They can build their own droid with this kit.

NEW! The LittleBits Star Wars Droid R2-D2 Droid Inventor Kit comes with everything needed to create a droid of their very own, and sticker sheets to customise it. Once created they can train their Droid to navigate through obstacles and make masterful manoeuvres, with more available via the companion app including video instructions, missions & controls.

This Droid can even make sounds straight out of the Star Wars films!

Do they like bugs and robots? Check out this robot spider!

NEW! It's creepy, it's crawly and it's built by them! Meet the Meccano MeccaSpider, the latest in robotics from Meccano. This hi-tech spider can be controlled via onboard buttons or with the free app - they can even program the Mecca Spider to customise its behaviour.

Not just a spider, this multi-legged robot is intellectually engaging, fun and scary - a great way to introduce kids to the fun and innovative world of robotics!

Meccano MeccaSpider M7618

Looking for an educational robot? Meet this little one named Cozmo!

Cozmo is the latest craze to come to STEM toys and robotics. A programmable robot, ANKI's Cozmo learns through teaching and develops his personality the more you interact, programme and play.

With an A.I. of his own, Cozmo was created with the help of Pixar animators and acts just like iconic children's characters such as WALL.E. Cozmo uses sophisticated facial recognition software to recognise you and your commands. He’s fun, friendly and will keep the whole family busy this holiday season.

Check out this and more wonderful educational options in the STEM Store at PB Tech today!

Do they like to build machines? This modular drone is a top choice!

This awesome new modular STEM product turns from a hovercraft to drone in minutes! Durable, lightweight and super easy to set up, the Makeblock Airblock STEM Drone uses drag-and-drop graphical programming software to teach children programming & aerodynamics.

Control your robot, invent multiple creative forms and sail it through land, sea & air. Built with soft and durable foam, the Airblock can be used indoors and outdoors – and if you crash, it’ll crumble back into building blocks without damaging walls, furniture or property. Check out this and more top technology building kits in the MakeBlock Store and PB Tech today!

Feeling Nostalgic? Reminisce about classic arcade games on Christmas day!

With over 200 built-in games, your kids will love diving into this cute little My Arcade Retro Machine Gaming System. Get a nostalgic feel with modern games on the cute 2.5” colour display and use a joy on & buttons to control your in-game characters.

This lightweight, portable gift is a great stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift, awesome for hard-to-please giftees and will keep kids entertained for hours with a large library of mini games.

Check out this and more great options in Gaming Consoles at PB Tech today!

Want to keep them busy? iPad games that teach kids literacy, numeracy & creativity skills whilst having fun

Encourage your little ones to learn STEM-based skills in a variety of fun activities! Using an iPad, children can participate in fun games, puzzles and challenges using words, numbers, pens and shapes to develop literacy, numeracy and art skills with the OSMO Education STEM Genius Kit.

Ideal for kindy and primary-school students, kids will love using their iPad to play games and interact with fun characters on the free-to-download apps - and parents will love seeing their children learn whilst playing too.

Anki Overdrive Fast 7 Furious Starter Kit

Do they love group games? This is no ordinary slot-car set!

NEW! A modern re-imagining of the classic slot car set, ANKI Overdrive pits players against artificially intelligent supercars in a pulse-pounding game of speed and strategy.  The magnetic track pieces snap together quickly, and because it's wireless and durable you can build your track anywhere.

Players control their cars via a smartphone app which gives them access to special abilities and attacks to use in each epic race.

Gifts For Older Kids

Raspberry Pi 3

Are they technical and creative? Check out Raspberry Pi starter kit.

NEW! This fantastic Raspberry Pi 3 model B Kit with OS includes all the bits for them to make their own little computer - what they do with it is up to them and that’s what makes the Raspberry Pi series so excellent.

This one is sure to keep them busy through Christmas and the year ahead!

Do they love the iPad? This mini one is great! 

NEW! The iPad Mini 4 puts everything we love about the iPad into an incredibly sleek and portable design so they can enjoy FaceTime calls with friends, wherever and whenever they want.

This smaller model makes it perfect for taking with you on your next adventure - thinner and lighter than ever before, yet powerful enough to do all the wonderful things iPads are famous for.

iPad Mini 4

Our top pick in notebooks for high school students - perfect for back to school in the new year!

Arguably one of the best notebooks for high school students, this lightweight, portable and smaller notebook packs a punch despite its size. With an Intel Core i5 CPU, a huuuuge 256GB SSD for super-speedy boot up and load times, 8GB of RAM so you can work & play without lag and Windows 10 Home, this Acer Aspire 13.3" White Notebook is an excellent choice for a teen or tween who needs a laptop for home & school.

The perfect summer accessory friends & family can enjoy too!

Big sound, small price. This is the slogan that the Artisan BLIZZARD Wireless Bluetooth Speaker boasts and it doesn’t fall short. Connect up to this awesome speaker via 3.5MM aux cord or Bluetooth - whichever you prefer. It’s perfect for summer days outdoors by the pool or at the beach, hosting parties and BBQs, or just when you want to listen to your favourite tunes without the need for headphones. Light and portable, you can take this speaker anywhere - and with its great price tag it makes for an awesome stocking-stuffer idea for young & old.

Your favourite Star Wars Robot comes to life in your home!

If your big kid loves Star Wars, this is the gift you’re looking for! The Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Robot exploded onto the scene late this year and was a hit across the internet, making it a must-have present this Christmas. Control the adorable R2-D2 with your smartphone and make him spin, go forwards, go backwards, waddle, flash his lights, dance, bleep, bloops, and everything in-between! Entertaining, excitable and fun, this present will capture the hearts of Star Wars fans young and old this Christmas.

The world's fastest console - Project Scorpio is finally here.

Play the best exclusives and biggest blockbusters this year such as Halo Wars 2, Destiny 2, Forza Motorsport 7, and NBA 2k18 on the world's fastest console ever - the Xbox One X. With 40% more power than any other console, you'll experience truly immersive 4K gaming and be able to play a backlog of games from the 360 and One S eras. If your big kid is after the latest console to play a variety of different games on, the Xbox One X is the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family to enjoy.

Is this the coolest controller for Xbox on the market this Christmas? We sure think so!

The perfect addition to any Xbox One S or Xbox One X this Christmas. In iconic Xbox Creeper-green, this awesome Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller MINECRAFT CREEPER looks great next to any console and will have your Minecraft enthusiast beaming. Grab another controller for multiplayer games so friends and family can join in on the fun or have a spare on charge so you can continue to play wirelessly. Enjoy custom button mapping and plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack to equip gaming headsets. And with Bluetooth technology, you can play your favorite Xbox games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Do they love offroad cars? Check out this RC H2 Hummer!

NEW! It's large and ready for some action-packed offroading in the garden - this 1:12 scale Radio Controlled H2 Hummer is a full function RC with opening doors, interior detailing, working lights and more. The package includes the RC Car with battery and charger, plus a 2.4GHz Remote Controller (you'll need to get 6x AA batteries for this, they aren't included)

They'll be racing around the Christmas tree all day with this one! 

Guokai 112 Hummer Yellow

Under $20 Secret Santa Ideas

Do they like funky mice? These are wireless and come in a range of colours!

Stuffing the stockings with these cute, colourful and practical wireless mice is a really good idea. Not only are they bursting with personality but they also work really well, even on a less than ideal surface like a sofa!

The USB dongle connects this device to your PC and with the included AA battery you'll enjoy months of wireless freedom.

Thinking something practical? Check out this USB Stick.

This sounds like a boring gift at first, but stick with me :P A USB flash drive makes for a great stocking stuffer because we all use them, and speeds have increased dramatically with a high-quality flash drive being able to move a 1GB file in under 10 seconds!

Perfect for storing a tonne of holiday pics to show to the kids, so they can sit riveted, watching the holiday you enjoyed without them.

Check out this and more great USB Drives at PB Tech today!

Are they often breaking their headphones? These Xiaomi ones have Kevlar fibre cables!

These Xiaomi earphones are fantastic! Made from strengthened polycarbonate for lighter weight and enhanced comfort without compromising the structure of the sound chamber, press play and let the powerful bass amaze you.

The cables covered with TPE and made of Kevlar fibers - the same kinds used in bulletproof vests, so the resistance to breaking and kinking is first class.

Need something to stuff that stocking? These DC heroes are awesome!

Cool looking collectables with a DC theme, These cute little figurines are standing short at just 10cm but still pack in great detailing and durability.

Modeled after iconic DC universe heroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Metals Die Cast Batman vs Superman Figures

Under $50 Stocking Stuffers

Do they love racing cars? Check out these iconic RC!   

Tear up the streets with this Radio Controlled Racing Car is a fantastically detailed replica of the legendary Porsche 918 Spyder! Working lights enhance your visibility while cruising no matter the time of day.

A full function transmitter and independent suspension gives you complete control of this awesome RC and enables you to guide the Spyder through sharp turns and corners!

You'll be ready to go right out of the box and all you need to get started are 4 AA batteries for the vehicle and a 9V battery for the transmitter! Don't hesitate one more second, hurry and get your own Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach 1:14 RTR RC Car today!

Do they love pretty lights? These ones are mesmerizing!

Why settle for one colour when you can have eight? With the Luci Solar Lantern you can match the mood by setting a colour, or cycle through them all in sequence. Like all Luci lights, it's waterproof, lightweight and completely solar.

So go ahead, throw it in the pool, bring it to that concert, and turn your kid's bath time into playtime. Just the right accessory to deck out your dorm room, or string some together and take your party to the next level.

Home decor never looked so colourful.

Stuff that stocking with a lot of portable power!

The Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and BlackBerry, as well as a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices. Made from a single piece of aluminium, each casing is formed by high-precision CNC digital cutting.

The water and corrosion-resistant surface is rigidly designed for everyday use making it ideal to take anywhere you'll need it.

Gifts for Yourself

Conquer the galaxy this Christmas with these awesome Star Wars battle drones! 

Propel's latest Star Wars drones are the most durable and detailed drones we've ever seen and take flying into an entirely new dimension. With the ability to take on other pilots in exciting multiplayer battles, that's right - these incredible new drones are equipped with blasters - there are three unique Star Wars Drones available, and you can battle up to 12 at once!

Piloting is made easy thanks to a very polished smartphone app that lets you train in a virtual environment - and they also pack in some impressive stabilization technology to help you stay on target.

Entertaining, durable and great for all ages, the PROPEL Star Wars Battling Quadcopters are sure to be a hit this Christmas!


Beats - reimagined and better than ever before.

These latest Beats Studio3 Headphones are excellent. Since they’ve been taken under the wing of Apple the folks there have sussed everything that you used to hate about the iconic headphones. Too much bass? No more. Crappy battery life? No more. Keep disconnecting for no reason? No more. Crazy expensive? Well… okay, they’re still a bit pricey - but the price tag is a lot more justified than it used to be.

Whilst these headphones might not look like anything’s changed based on outside appearances, they’ve really changed on the inside. With up to 40 hours of battery life, active noise cancellation, way better Bluetooth reception & connection thanks to Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity and more powerful due to the integration of an Apple W1 chip, the Beats Studio3 Wireless have come a long way from their predecessor.

You’ll be sure to put a smile on your music-lovers face with these as a gift.

Get your head(set) in the game

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is a fan-favourite headset amongst PC gamers. Hear details in gameplay as if they were right beside you like rustles of feet, echoes of gunshots, twigs snapping and enemy movement - plus your teammates voices will be clearer than ever to maximise your team's communication.

With virtual 7.1 surround sound with distance and depth to enhance your gaming, you can easily toggle your microphone on and off and adjust your volume and game audio settings without detracting from your gameplay experience. Plus, the comfortable and adjustable headband will keep you concentrating for hours on end.

In your choice of red or silver, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II Pro Gaming Headset will be a hit in any PC gamer’s stocking.

Do you love sharing holiday snaps? This festive red camera has WiFi built in.

NEW! This PowerShot SX720 HS Camera is the slimmest and most powerful superzoom camera yet. With a staggering 40x optical zoom, optical image stabilizer and zoom framing assist, the impressive 20.3 MP CMOS sensor delivers stunning stills and beautiful full HD movies, perfect for the beach, roaming the countryside or capturing that great shot of kids ripping open their presents. WiFi ready, simply connect to your compatible smart device and you can share/backup those important memories while on the go!

Canon PowerShot SX 720 HD Digital Camera
Kindle eReader Touch 8th Gen Wifi

Do they love to read? This 6” Kindle eReader is wonderful.

NEW! Designed as a dedicated e-reader, this Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text similar to what you see in a physical book with blacks and whites on the screen being uniform, improving text and image quality. This specific model is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand.

They’ll be able to indulge that love of reading with this fantastic gadget!

Do they need a powerful yet stylish laptop? This one has a dedicated graphics card.

NEW! The brilliant Asus N580 Laptop is both elegant and powerful with its golden metal design and dedicated 4GB GTX 1050 graphics card inside. Slim and lightweight, the high-strength aluminium frame undergoes a series of intricate manufacturing processes to achieve its sleek and elegant final form.

Stylish and strong, a gift they’ve absolutely love.

ASUS N580 Laptop
Acer Aspire AO1 laptops

Do they need a travel savvy laptop? This one is very light & portable.

Thin and really light while packing some brilliant modern features like very fast WiFi into a beautiful, clean and simple design. The Cloudbook is just 17.9 mm thin and weighs just 1.15 kg making this one of the lightest 14” laptops available today, ideal for long distance travel or the daily journey.

Uncharacteristically light, they won’t be able to figure this one out before unwrapping it!

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