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Ink and Toner sale

From the 11th of October to the 24th of October, and only while stocks last, get deals on ink and toner at PB Tech!

Shop with comfort knowing that you’ll be getting the guaranteed best price on ink and toner here at PB Tech!

*Guaranteed Ink & Toner Price Savings: applies only to regular, in-stock product offered for sale from a local retail electronics dealer ??" excludes (for example) limited quantity offers, manufacturers clearances, discontinued merchandise, stock liquidations, trade offers, trade-in offers, parallel imported product, eBay, TradeMe, private individuals, trade accounts and discounts, purchases direct from any supplier or warehouse outlet and whereby the PB Technologies Store is unable to verify, using reasonable means the validity of the price/quote or advertisement. Internet only retailers, auction and clearance sites will be excluded. All other retailer website product offers will be considered where the product is the same. ‘Same product’ is the same supplier, brand, make, model, packaging with the same inclusions and same purchase date, and whereby none of the exclusions in these terms and conditions apply. The purchase must take place within 7 days of the lower price having been advertised.