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Love That Bass - Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones

If you’re a basshead, you know what you love – and if you haven’t experienced the Skullcandy Crusher, you’re seriously missing out. These things will literally vibrate your head. There’s a slider on the right earcup to adjust the level of haptic feedback*, and it adds a whole new dimension to the music you love – now you can feel it as well as hear it.

They’re also just a straightforward solid set of wireless cans – up to 40 hours of battery life off of a charge so you can use ‘em for an hour+ a day and charge once a month. Microphone for when those unexpected calls interrupt your downtime. Wired cable option so you can plug ‘em into your PC or console and enjoy vibration feedback when gaming as well. Comfortable, deep memory foam earpads block outside noise. Robust, durable, foldable design, so you can toss ‘em in your bag and take ‘em on the go. They even come with a travel pouch.

So go ahead. Do yourself a favour. Get a set of Crushers. If bass is your thing, you will not regret it.

*If bass is not your thing you can turn it off, but go on, live a little, and push that slider to the max.

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