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OMEN Gaming Gear Giveaway

What do you look for when buying Gaming Gear? We want to know!

Simply complete our quick survey linked below and go into our daily draw to WIN awesome OMEN by HP Gaming Gears!

OMEN 800 Gaming Headset: With a new and improved speaker system featuring very large 53mm drivers, this gaming headset is able to produce each & every footstep with amazing clarity, allowing you to track your prey with ruthless efficiency while enjoying the full, thunderous sound effects that come from your perfectly timed ulti. The Omen 800 ensures a comfortable gaming experience thanks to the lightweight suspension headband and synthetic leather wrapped ear cups which not only cushion the ears, but also are designed to block out background noise so you can get completely immersed in your favourite game. The Omen 800 sports a fully retractable microphone, able ensure crystal clear communication during critical moments, or remain hidden when you just want to listen to some tunes or edit some gameplay clips for that next highlights video upload.

OMEN 1100 Gaming Keyboard: Command a destructive symphony of keystrokes, with a mechanical keyboard crafted for high-calibre competition. Ultra-responsive Blue mechanical switches deliver the agility you need to manoeuvre past the choke point, match after match. Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover let you unleash the full torrent of your abilities as you assault your opposition. Braided cable sheathing enhances durability and minimizes kinking while the distinctive OMEN red LED glow from the backlit keys ensures accuracy, even while hunting in the dead of night.

OMEN Gaming Backpack: Tactically designed for all your gaming essentials, with a streamlined form factor for superior manoeuvrability and easy access thanks to strategic pocket placement. Premium quality both inside and out, with precision detailing and padded back panels for comfortable commutes. The tough internal padding protects your valuable gaming equipment while the durable exterior is resistant to everyday exposure. Secure your arsenal in this and you'll be ready for battle anywhere!



Day #1 Winner:  Tracey L

Day #2 Winner:  Regan V

Day #3 Winner:  Rickey E

Day #4 Winner:  Stacey M

Day #5 Winner:  Glenn B

Day #6 Winner:  Kameron C

Day #7 Winner:  Steven L

Day #8 Winner:  Mark B

Day #9 Winner:  Mark S

Day #10 Winner:  Zyromme B

Day #11 Winner:  Sai M

Day #12 Winner:  Taryn R

Day #13 Winner:  Johnny L 

Day #14 Winner:  Adam R

Day #15 Winner:  Finlay C

Day #16 Winner:  Anthony B

Day #17 Winner:  Melwin B

Day #18 Winner:  Christie M

Day #19 Winner:  Eddy G

Day #20 Winner:  Lucan B

Day #21 Winner:  Richard C

Day #22 Winner:  Roger D

Day #23 Winner:  Deidre C

Day #24 Winner:  Sarah S

Day #26 Winner:  Paul Y

Day #27 Winner:  Nathan W

Day #28 Winner:  Sean F

Day #29 Winner:  Ben S

Day #30 Winner:  Steven P

Day #31 Winner:  Corne F

Day #32 Winner:  Joshua M

Day #33 Winner:  James M

Day #34 Winner:  Roman B

Day #35 Winner:  Darzar Y

Day #36 Winner:  Alejandrio P

Day #37 Winner:  TBC



Event continues, winners will be updated here when confirmed!

T&C: We have 50 OMEN items total to give away. Event is available for NZ PB Tech customers only, you only need to complete the survey once to go into each daily draw. Winners will be contacted via the email address or phone numbers provided during the survey. Prizes are in no way transferable or exchangeable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. PB Tech will make shipping arrangements upon confirmation from each winner and add basic details to this page. PB Tech holds all rights to how this event is run, we reserve the right to adjust specifics at our convenience, any changes will be announced here.

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