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Are you an essential business?

Approved essential businesses can access a much larger catalogue of products that have been made available for prompt shipment. If you are registered with PB Tech as an approved essential business, please sign in to your PB Tech account.

Everyone else can continue to shop normally from our approved range of products for working / studying from home.

Please check if you qualify as an essential business before using the form below to register with PB Tech. You can check here: Non-essential businesses will be denied access.

A staff member with be in touch to confirm your status as an essential business customer and provide login details, if required.

Sign in to have your details auto-fill the form. We are working as fast as possible to get orders shipped. To protect staff, our warehouse is currently operating at 25% manpower, so there may be some delays in shipping.

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I confirm that my business qualifies as an essential business as designated by New Zealand government with regard to COVID-19

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