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"Purchase a device was very quick and got a great discount with my case"
Joshua - 30/12/2017
"WOW thank you PB Tech Manukau. Big ups to Gavin Ren (Retail Sales Manager) for his expert advise and awesome friendly service, the more i called him Santa the more he said no no no, haaa hoe hoe hoe. Thank you "Santa" Gavin for great discoun etc. I done my purchase through Gilrose finance, Gavin made this happen all very fast & easy for me from the moment i walked in and given are chair to sit down, i stayed seated to the moment i left!!! yes everything was taken care of for me and Gavin even wheeled everything out to my car & loaded it for me ;-) Hey PB Tech Merry Xmas to you guys too. One very happy first time customer."
Dean - 22/12/2017
"Excellent place to shop with very knowledgeable staff!!"
Debbie - 17/12/2017
"The only place for tech. Staff know what they are doing and are really helpful."
Ron - 16/12/2017
"Will always buy tech stuff here,they have got my business for the foreseeable future"
Holie - 14/12/2017
"Awesome product, very comfortable and functional. Thanks for the ultra fast shipping :)"
Thiago - 12/12/2017
"Will always buy tech stuff here, no issues so far."
John - 11/12/2017
"My job is IT and PB Tech is my go-to tech shop. Biggest range and very helpful staff. And low and behold I'm the product review winner of the month. Thanks. PB!"
PS - 08/12/2017
"I had been waiting for long for this card, Love the performance and the range of products and selection you offer, PB Tech rocks!!!"
Andy - 07/12/2017
"Huge thanks to those in the Christchurch branch for helping to build my custom pc for me. Its absolutely amazing and just as I imagined it! There were a few things that needed to be changed and adjusted to make it all work and they got it done. Even when I miscalculated and got my numbers mixed up they were able to fix my mistakes and help solve an issue that would have costed me extra and did it completely free. Lovely service, thanks guys! 11/10"
Sebastian - 06/12/2017
"HUGE THANKS, to the staff at the Manakau branch, I was getting a custom gaming PC built, and the staff got all the parts ready in under 5 minutes, would highly recommend pb tech for any technology needs."
Ben - 30/11/2017
"Huge thank you to Ala from the online team for assisting me with my online order to change to postage - 5/5 Service - Awesome team"
Tony - 23/11/2017
"I bought the latest iPhone in PB New Plymouth last month and it is really a great shopping experience for me. The staff and the manager they are so nice and helpful... Especially donny and Sheldon, answered all the questions timely and accurately. appreciated!"
Brandy - 16/11/2017
"Very Good Store with online delivery and Specials and a Big Shout out to the Henderson Branch for Assisting me when I am in a rush home."
Joshua - 15/11/2017
"Massive thank you to the team at PB Tech in New Plymouth. I was having issues with my mouse (Logitech G502), and they helped me select a new mouse, which I'm very happy with. They were very knowledgeable, accommodating, and extremely helpful when I asked to return the G502. Going to continue doing all my electronic shopping there."
Mike - 14/11/2017
"I bought was what i bought and it functioned. If it had failed to funtion, I am certain it would have got sorted. Can't ask for more. GG 5 stars."
Boost - 13/11/2017
"Big Thanks again to Lance and Anthony in pbtech christchurch for helping me find the parts i needed and telling me about other options that could be more ideal for my gaming rig Thank you and will go back again for future upgrades."
ken - 26/10/2017
"Jason at Penrose was fantastically knowledgeable and made finding everything a breeze. Absolutely fantastic service, and great prices too."
Will - 22/10/2017
"I bought an Acer Laptop from PB Tech one year ago. Unfortunately it died 1 month after the warranty had lapsed. I was pleasantly surprised when PT Tech offered to fix the laptop for free. Very impressed!"
Ryan - 19/10/2017
"Bouquet for Service: We recently had a hard drive failure and we took our business computer to PB Tech in Christchurch ( The computer was purchased from another supplier prior to us having knowledge of PB Tech.) The service we received was excellent and the job of recovering files was successful. Great job. We will certainly recommend PB Tech to others. The Technician Carl was very helpful and he explained everything very well 10/10 - 1st Class service."
John - 04/10/2017
"Thank to Ian and lei at the Queen Street branch for helping me with the tedious process of getting my iPhone 8! Much appreciated."
Roxanne - 29/09/2017
"My thermal compound arrived in two days! Very quick."
Peter - 28/09/2017
"My new laptop battery arrived this morning. Excellent service and a good price as well. Thank you!"
Stephanie - 25/09/2017
"I want to convey my thanks to Tony Tran who works in the Great South Rd branch today. I was wandering in the shop for awhile and Tony seems to be the only one who takes interest to serve me even though there are few employees who aren't serving any customers at that time who just walk past me. He is attentive, very helpful and quick to get the stock from the warehouse ( the product which I am interested in isn't in the stock in the branch). Overall I am happy with the service and products.Thanks!"
Lai - 21/09/2017
"Really impressed with delivery speed every time i've ordered from here, products are exactly what I'm looking for and at a good price. Thanks PB tech!"
Hannah - 16/09/2017
"Shout out to Xing Loh who went beyond the call of duty to provide a fantastic customer experience. I will definitely shop here again as a result!"
John - 14/09/2017
"Thank you to Dean Powell at the online branch for being so helpful and making sure that everything about my PC suits my needs. Also, thank you to the staff at PB Tech North Shore for being so nice and comfortable to be around, while also being happy and helpful."
James - 11/09/2017
"I fully agree Henderson PB tech staff very friendly and helpful I usually go there when i need advice or assistance with technical advice purchases and repair when Im in Auckland. Alan is very helpful to myself and another full Deaf friend. We both been PB Tech Henderson customers since PB tech opened in Henderson. Thank You"
johanna - 01/09/2017
"Just wanna say thanks to Wesley Readhead and Mitchell from the Hamilton branch for sorting me out with a new TV and Chromecast Ultra, will definitely be back as they made it super easy and hassle free getting what I needed !!!"
Alex - 26/08/2017
"Hey there everyone, I am sending a HUGE thank you to the Henderson Branch for their friendly and homely service's!!! I made a custom build in-store and in a jiffy my parts were brought out and ready for me to take home and everything was so smooth and fast and they also helped me bring my purchase's to the car around the back as i was afraid i was going to get jumped for my things due to the area...ahahah good old Henderson for you! But yeah, i love going into PB and i will only ever buy my parts and everything they sell i need from PB!!! i always get a good cash discount and great help and ALOT of friendly smiles at Henderson PB!!! I even go out of my way to go to the Henderson branch because after awhile of always going there , you start to get recognized and it just feels like home <3 . All in all i highly recommend PB Tech for all your electronic needs!!!"
Brandy-Lee - 19/08/2017
"A huge Thank you to Auckland CBD Branch for providing me the power bank with the match price from Tech XPO because the Tech XPO had not stock."
Tony - 12/08/2017
"huge shout out to christian ,lance and the assistant manager of pbtech christchurch for helping me out of my problem with my rig and getting me a new one. I will go back to purchase more just because of them helping me out."
ken - 08/08/2017
"A massive thanks to Grace at the returns department who helped me out massively with an urgent return and was very patient on the phone."
Hayden - 01/08/2017
"Just wanted to give a shout out to the great team at PB Tech, I had a nightmare of a time with a faulty laptop but they took great care of me and pushed my job forward as urgent to ensure I had a computer to work with. Massive thanks to Sylvia and the team at RA and the CBD Branch for getting it all sorted for me."
Hayden - 01/08/2017
"Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Alan (service manager) at PB Tech Tauranga who went out of his way to help me get my new PC up and running -- not only on the phone but also staying late to wait for me to bring my system in to test after 5pm on a Saturday! You guys rock!"
Mike - 03/07/2017
"Huge shout out to the staff at the Hamilton Store who went out of their way tp replace faulty laptop chargers. I just wanted the staff to know that I appreciated the time they took to deal with the problems. My twins are in school happy today with fully charged laptops. Amazing service. I am saving for my youngest daughter's laptop for high school next year and will definitely buy at PB Tech Hamilton"
donna - 21/06/2017
"I would like to pay compliment to Mr. Aaron Kao, the Manager and the attending technician, Tyrone who served me when I came to have my virus infected laptop serviced. They are a great team and their professionalism is commendable. They are attentive to my laptop problems and showed patience and great customer care. They delight their customers with your great teamwork. Thank you Aaron and Tyrone. I will certainly recommend your services to friends who has an IT need. Your good customer care will be a great asset to PB Technologies as customers remembers how they are cared for,"
Adeline - 07/06/2017
"I have always had good service at your stores, but Lester Zhou at the Manukau branch has provided exceptional service. He is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to do business with."
Kevin - 29/05/2017
"PB Tech is an absolutely outstanding store! Whenever I need something and I order it online, it is always on my doorstep the next day! Huge thanks to everyone at PB Tech for your excellent service. This is by far the best place in the country to buy anything tech related!"
Joshua - 22/05/2017
"Brian from the Hamilton team has been an absolutely amazing help with the build of our PC. Knows his stuff and managed to secure the best hardware for the build."
Demi - 04/04/2017
"I just wanna really thank everyone at PB Tech Hamilton for being such a great team. I have owned and operated an IT support business in Raglan for the last 17 years, and have flourished with PB Tech Hamilton as my supplier. My amazing, well informed, driven salesperson Brian is always willing to go that extra bit for me when it comes to making sure my business is supplied with machines/parts/services/software. If i need something today, he makes it happen, Ive even had machines hand delivered 35 minutes from the shop, and trust him with tens of thousands of dollars of purchases a month, and don't get let down. PB Tech Delivers. Communication, great team, great prices, quality of product, knowledge of product from sales team, personalized service, and hands down the best billing team are the reasons why I use pb tech for 95% of my IT purchases."
Jake - 29/03/2017
"Thank you to your team for looking after me on Saturday and Sunday with my purchase and then the repair on Sunday urgently to get me back to Dunedin. I am very appreciative of your service and found your team very supportive and friendly. Also I was greatful to the young very quiet fellow who fixed then went the extra mile to trip to out in the rain and put the box in my car. I am coming back up in a few weeks for my son the buy his PC, and because of this he is very keen to get his from you guys as well because nothing beats good customer service. I also want to buy more things."
Maria - 14/03/2017
"PB Tech is a great store and from the moment you walk through the door it really feels like you enter a whole new world and all the struggles and first world problems are instantaneously taken off your shoulder. The staff are always really nice and always want to help along with being enthusiastic PB tech is such a laid back place and it doesn't even really feel like a store you can just go in try all their gadgets and then walk out again. Trying the HTC Vive was an awesome experience for me but being in PB Tech it felt so natural to go and ask if I can try it out and when no one is there you can literally play to you hearts desire. PB Tech is the most advanced, inspiring and all round fun place to go and to be honest it can sometimes be more enjoyable than Rainbows End!"
Charlie - 13/03/2017
"I'd like to say that Soen On So was very helpful and very good at providing technical supports in my time of need."
Daniel - 11/03/2017
"Man, I wanted to mention how grateful I am. Was looking for a Digital Recorder, previous one just died, needed to shoot for a martial art form. Searched all over local NZ stores, very few had good quality ones, fewer had any in stock. Didn't see it on PriceSpy, but PB-Tech had not only the cheapest price, but the most in stock, and could even deliver the next day. Right under my nose, I should have checked PB to start with, would've saved me an hour. Thanks so much for your good taste and value!"
Otto - 10/03/2017
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dave Moynahan who was so friendly and helpful with my online purchase issue. Amazing service!"
Meg - 24/02/2017
"I would like to say a BIG thanks to Anthony Aguilar and his Team at the PB Technology Christchurch branch. Because their customer service is Awesome and Exceptional..... I say this because my computer got misplaced by the courier's at their branch during the Christmas period. Joseph Liang, Dean Herd and Anthony Aguilar set me up straight away with a brand new computer before Christmas day. Well done you guy's I am very happy with my new machine and keep up the great work!! I will definitely do business again in the future."
Richard - 24/02/2017
"I purchased a tablet from shop display because no others of that moidel were available. Unfortunately it turned out to have a couple of problems. PB checked the problems and gave me a credit but I was unable to find (with friendly staff assistance) an equivalent product which met my requirements. At that point PB refunded my money. Every step of the way, PB staff were helpful and professional. I was most impressed."
Patrick - 05/01/2017
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