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"What great service these guys provide. I ordered a camera bag online and it was delivered less than 24 hrs later!"
Aaron - 19/03/2019
"I am writing this email to let you know that one of you sales rep looked after me by the name of Job Polon. I am very pleased with quality of service that was provided. He helped in every way he could towards my new build. I have my Pc up and running and have no problems with it as it is my first build. Job polon is great member of your team I hope he gets appraised for his hard work, he provided with exceptional customer service with a smile on his face. I would recommend pb tech to all my friends and family and will be coming back for more shopping. Thanking Job polon"
John - 16/03/2019
"My choice always PBTECH and the TECHXPO 2019 was wonderful many crowd .products and OFFERS all"
Karthikeyan - 05/03/2019
"Shout out to Ian Liu from the Penrose Branch. Went into preorder a phone and within a minute or so he gave me the form and I paid it at the reception. Amazing service from Ian. Cheers."
Jin - 28/02/2019
"Five stars++ Always have had great service from PB Tech - a great range of products and prompt delivery. Recently I brought some incorrect additional memory for my computer. I contacted PB Tech, who advised the correct product. They quickly and efficiently sorted out a return, credited my account and then went the extra mile and ordered me the correct memory using some of the credit. PB Tech totally rocks!"
David - 19/02/2019
"Great service, very prompt delivery, would recommend these guys ,awesome"
Fiona - 07/02/2019
"I previously dealt with William Habgood years back in the Christchurch branch, he left a lasting impression on me because of his professionalism and follow up email a couple of days after selling me components. Years on, I still had his email address so I thought I'd give it a go; depsite him no longer working in sales or even in Christchurch he helped me select some great components to meet my needs and ensured everything would arrive promptly and would work together. After the components arrived I had a couple of installation questions and again he was more than happy to help guide me with advice. This is the kind of service you all too often don't find any more. Thanks William!"
Josh - 30/01/2019
Caleb - 28/01/2019
"OK so i began streaming games stand needed a new set up so i order online the full setup PC table web cam everything. all up it as 3000$ the PC (GGPC Outlaw GTX 1050Ti Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Quad Core Turbo UP TO 3.7Ghz, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB, WiFi, Windows 10 Home 64bit) was a cheep per-build but really good PC for streaming and playing games. and the online shopping experience was 100 times better then in the store. Thank you"
Harris - 24/01/2019
"Just like to say that I learned a lot today from Mark Stephens, Penrose branch. I'm pretty technical, with many decades of business and personal ICT experience, and wanted advice on choosing a Power Supply to suit my main home PC system with a dozen SATA3 drives. I did end up buying a $711 PSU - not because he tried to sell it to me, he didn't, but from what I did learn, I think it will satisfy my current requirements. We also discussed potential future options if my requirements grow. Great service, appreciated, thanks."
Damien - 15/01/2019
"I came into the Hornby PB Tech to buy the parts for my first PC, JOHN was a very big help and answered any questions I had with the parts I was looking at, He even stopped me from buying the wrong size motherboard so I'm thankful for him doing that. Please make sure that he is rewarded for his exceptional work and knowledge of computers!"
Liam - 02/01/2019
"Hi there. I recently came in to pb tech just yesterday to purchase a new gaming monitor. I had already been in a few month prior and one of you sales suggested a couple of good potential monitor, although they were good they were not at all ideal. As I am a console player only. So yesterday when I came in, and asked about them again I had a different sales person. Jordan Sharplin. I told him about the one the other sales had suggested, jordan said. oh that's odd I wonder why he suggested that because that version wouldn't actually work for what I wanted so he had a look himself. He ended up finding the perfect monitor for me. A very nice Acer and it was even better quality than the previously suggested screens. This man Jordan saved from certain dooms and I am so happy with the monitor I have purchased. It is beautiful and it runs spectacularly. Could not be happier. Well I could be happier actually, this young man Jordan sharplin is sharp with his knowledge of these technologies. He was very patient and listened very well, to use is super pb tech abilities to find the best version of best monitors for me. I fully support that this man deserves a PAY RISE. He is an amazing customer service he is humble and excited happy and smiling he wasn't just trying to sell a screen to make a sale he wanted to help the person in need good vibes all round I would absolutely love to walk in to your hornby branch again when I come to get my computer in.a later date. But to find out this man got a pay rise for being such an incredible part of your team. He knows his stuff and he doesn't fluff around. Pay rise this man today. God only knows we deserve one, especially the good ones like Jordan. It's not every day you walk in to a shop. And leave with the feeling that you can't wait to go back. Thank you very much, Jordan you have made my Christmas. And pbtech you have earned your next valued customer. Merry Christmas. And happy new year"
jesse - 27/12/2018
"Tremendous service we received on a busy Saturday at your Wellington store! Mark the Manager and Simon your engineer sorted out a tricky hardware repair on the spot within minutes. You guys are fantastic. Thank you!"
That - 21/12/2018
"Hi guys This shop is really helpfull and they are excellent in service and products. I highly recommend PB Tech at Henderson for buying their products as they are number one. I have been here twice and I will come back in the future when I update a new computer. Thank you for reading. Ngaire Percival."
ngaire - 17/12/2018
"Big thanks to Damien in the PC section at Wairau PB tech, someone that knew about the parts and was more than happy to take a look at our build list and price match where possible. Top marks! A+++"
Jordan - 16/12/2018
"A very big thank-you to the young man at PB Tech's call centre who spent a long time working out with me the best and cheapest technical upgrade to my computers when I found that they could not handle a new program. His own technical knowledge was excellent, but whenever he needed more input, or double-checking, from his supervisor he put me on hold for a short time and got it. In short, he went out of his way to make sure that I had quality information on which I could rely in absolute confidence. And, even better, it was a future-proof solution. I ordered the part (a graphics card), it arrived the next day, it was exactly right, and was soon fitted. Brilliant! If we got service of such excellence everywhere (especially in the government), New Zealand would be a far better place. Take a bow, PB Tech!"
Nobilangelo - 14/12/2018
"I just want to let you know of our most recent experience at PB Technology last Sunday mid afternoon. We were looking to upgrade an Ipad mini and we received excellent service from a sales team member who listened to what we were thinking, questioned to clarify our thoughts and then made some helpful suggestions while showing us our possibilities. Ben was patient and explained carefully. He made recommendations and outlined the advantages of each. We appreciate his style and his manner and we left with our purchase feeling quite satisfied. We shop with you when we need new technology and have always found helpful and willing staff. Clearly your employee choices and your training programmes are very successful. Kind regards Kathy"
Kathy - 01/12/2018
"Big thank you to Taylor Coster at the Christchurch branch in Hornby for showing great customer service and helping me with my refund and purchase. 10/10."
Alex - 30/11/2018
"I would like to give a huge thank you to Ella Kim at the Main Sth Rd branch in Christchurch. My web order could not be located and she continued about her business with a professional and unflustered manner. The warehouse staff failed to turn up at her request. Ella eventually went away and picked another order for me. Great asset to your team"
Jarl - 23/11/2018
"I would like to thanks the great service from Andy Liu at North Shore branches. I bought a 55" Philip TV and used for 2 weeks but found with firmware problem which appeared with freeze browser page and even required to force shut down the TV. However, to start with their solution was to wait for Philip firmware update but may be a week, a month or even a few months. I really frustrated with this solution as there are no timeframe for repair. Andy from North Shore not only explained the problem to me but also provide solution and I end up spent extra 60% money to change to LG. This LG TV is a lot better and thanks Andy's advise and help."
Stella - 22/11/2018
"Very good customer service"
Simran - 19/11/2018
"I’d like to thank Rex for his service today, I don’t usually write feedback but was super impressed with his knowledge and how helpful he was. Enjoyed chatting with him and really appreciated him helping me understand more about the computer I am building. Thank you!"
James - 19/11/2018
""Tyler from PB Chch. So grateful. Tyler is a great role model for technical support service provider. He made huge difference to my stressful situation."
Duc - 13/11/2018
"Re: Ben Mingham, Hornby PBTech Yesterday I had a fantastic experience at the Hornby PBTech and I want you to know about it. I went to the Hornby store yesterday afternoon, Saturday 10 November. I needed a power bank and I was directed to Ben. I'm a middle aged woman, definitely tech savvy, but often I find young men (and woman) condescending and sometimes not particularly interested or knowledgeable about what they're selling.. Ben was great. He answered my questions, engaged well with me, and helped me pick what would meet my needs. Because of his manner and knowledge I decided to mention to him a phone issue I'd noticed that day. I said that I thought the battery no longer held its charge and while I wasn't going to replace it yet, I'd appreciate his advice. We talked about what I use my phone for and he said that he thought my phone issue might be hardware rather than battery. I offered to show it to him and I'm grateful that I did. The screen was bulging on one side and the phone felt hot. I was shocked and Ben calmly explained what could happen and how dangerous my phone was. I made the decision to replace my phone then and there, and to forget about a power bank for now. As we worked through my 2degrees contract Ben answered my questions and offered to help clone from my old phone to the new one. It wasn't successful in the time available in store but Ben and Joseph both suggested ways I could safely download the files on my phone at home. If that wasn't successful I knew that I could turn up at 10am today and let the tech guys do it for me. I was so impressed with Ben I asked him if there was anyway I could provide feedback. I have no doubt that because of his manner and expertise I've avoided a fire and burns. I'd been on a navigation course all day using a compass and phone app. I would have come home and just charged the phone and ignored it for the evening thinking that it was just getting old and the battery is tired. Nothing was a problem, he was incredibly helpful, and I think I've been able to get most of what I wanted off my old phone and onto the new one. Ben has wonderful people skills to go with his technical ones. Thanks so much Ben."
Heather - 13/11/2018
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