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"Hi PBTech team, just wanted to say a massive thanks. I pre-ordered the Samsung Note 9 bundle, expecting it to ship on the 24th. Got an email saying estimated ship date was going to be 4th Sept due to some parts of the bundle missing. I called to see if the actual phone was available (because I wanted to take advantage of the Samsung trade-in offer on my Note 4 which expired on 2nd Sept). The people I spoke to on the phone were fantastic & really helpful. Turned out the phone was there and it was the headphones missing. The package was shipped and I received overnight - got my new phone + the Samsung trade in offer. Super pleased & super service. Thanks heaps for being so flexible & accommodating during what I'm sure has been a period of madness. 2 Thumbs Up !"
Basil - 29/08/2018
"Lei at Manukau is a freaking legend. Always deal with him personally every time I visit PB Tech Manukau (and I do this rather a lot). He is always willing to help and find solutions when needed and knows everything about what he's selling, but also knows when to let me exist in my head and run with whatever mad idea I've got this time. Awesome dealing with you and all your colleagues, mate, and no doubt you'll end up with more of my money."
Chris - 26/08/2018
"Joshua from the Christchurch store helped me find a fantastic pair of wireless headphones. Great customer service 10/10."
Adam - 24/08/2018
"Came in as a last ditch effort to try to get help with a part I can't buy anywhere. Anthony , is amazing. He saw the plight, thought outside the box, and not only resolved the problem, but, fixed it! I cannot express my gratitude enough. This assistant Branch Manager is worth his weight in gold. He is, a huge asset to this company."
Molly - 15/08/2018
"Hey guys I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for the outstanding service that you both provide to me and our business from the Christchurch hub . In particular Anthony and Joseph Nothing has ever been an issue and you are both a pleasure to deal with. I think I have spent around 15k over the past 12 -24 months and would not be coming back if the service and people were not top notch. Look forward to deal with you in the years to come."
Jason - 02/08/2018
"Great service"
Corban - 25/07/2018
"Jessica at the Christchurch store is a legend. She took the time to answer all my questions, reassured me that the components I picked for my build would enable me to accomplish what I planned and always had a great upbeat friendly personality. Everything was done via phone and email and the experience was truly quite gratifying. PB Tech is the go to place for great service and products. Thanks Jessica :)"
CJ - 25/07/2018
"Amazing service in Henderson when we returned a keyboard in city branch. When we went to Henderson Branch, as we were told " Not the Protocol but we will refund and investigate this matter. We do apologize". Henderson had very nicely and politely sorted the matter and refunded in a difficult situation. I would 100% return to PBTECH."
Joshua - 21/07/2018
"Great service, they have very knowledgeable staff. Great job to PB Technologies. They serve me for ALL my needs. Well Done!"
Jackson - 20/07/2018
"I've worked nearly 10 years in retail, many of those as a 2IC, and I've worked as a Mystery Shopping myself, so I really know what makes for a good sales person. Lance is certainly one, and the type of person I'm happy to wait to be served by if he's busy with another customer. He's helped me buy many virtual reality items, and a bunch of cables, rechargeable batteries etc. I keep coming back to him because he knows the products and I can trust his advice, and so it's worth sharing here :) I've seen him with other customers while waiting, and he was giving them really knowledgeable advice about which parts to put in their video editing desktop."
Graham - 27/06/2018
"Amazing Service in HENDERSON and CITY - Very Quick at Assistance. They Help you from Entry and Exit as quickly as possible with ensuring that you get the best possible product available in store."
Joshua - 25/06/2018
"I really q want to to give a big thumpsup to Sid from pbtech hamilton. Wonderful patient and very polite sales person. Sid u r a asset to the Hamilton store.. Thanks for explaning technology in very simple words like 6 packs gym heart. Thank you so much Sid. Thanks Pbtech"
Rachael - 25/06/2018
"Thanks to Angela and Leon for always helping me with what we need! They always provide me timely feedback and assistance when we need them the most! They're an asset to your team!"
Nicole - 21/06/2018
"Lance has been very helpful, Has bought office equipments and he has explained everything clearly. Has been back to him for other things like monitors and phones for the business. Pb tech has competitive prices with good service. Hope there are more discounts on the iphone though."
Jim - 20/06/2018
"To whom this may concern; I walked in to PB tech for the first time and just wanted to see what the store looks like and your excellent sales staff name "Chat" who approached me and started talking and before I know I was buying a new Samsung s9 phone. Even I was surprised that I did that and being a apple customer for last almost 10 years he managed to convert me to go for a complete different phone and OS. His experience, professionalism and ethics were so high and no doubt he is a asset to your organization.feel free to contact me should you need further clarification as I will only be happy to provide. RJ"
Rajitha - 15/06/2018
"I came into PB Technologies for the first time on the weekend when my laptop finally began to give up working. I was attended to by Tyler, and I just had to email you to comment on the fantastic service that I got from him. He went over my current laptop and established that the problem was with the connection, not the charger as I’d hoped, and advised me re an estimate repair cost, vs the benefits to purchasing new. I decided to go with new as the old laptop was getting a few years old and saw the wisdom in not putting money into something that could end up dying completely in another year. Tyler listened to how I used the laptop, and was able to advise me on his recommendations on what to replace with. He took the time to talk me through the models he thought would suit me and once I selected a model, went through the process of transferring all my existing data onto the new laptop. I can’t speak highly enough of how good Tyler was to work with, his patience with me and my lack of IT knowledge, and his patience in transferring all of the data over for me as well as installing the Windows Office and Outlook. Tyler is a real asset to PB Tech, and I have already recommended PB to a couple of friends for their future purchases, and specifically Tyler. Its this kind of service that makes a company successful. I hope that you find this feedback useful."
Andrea - 13/06/2018
"We just want to say a HUGE thank you to Jessica and Carl of PBTech Christchurch who spent all day battling finance companies and even stayed past close to help us upgrade Brandon's computer. Jessica fought really hard for us and she and Carl were both extremely patient as we waited around in the store all day. We also feel like Carl went the extra mile for us in putting all of the new parts together, downloading and installing software and drivers, and ensuring that Brandon's 800+ episodes of his favourite anime series would not be lost. We walked away with a speedy new gaming computer that was completely ready to go once we reached home and turned it on. Excellent service and thank you so much again to both of you. Thumbs up!"
Eve - 04/06/2018
"Just want to thank Sean for his help today, very patient with my lack of technical ability, Sean was very happy to assist and take the time to get my phone up and working. Definately 10/10 service and would highly recommend visiting this business to anyone requiring a wee bit of support! Cheers Sean!"
Justine - 02/06/2018
"I would like to commend your employee Tyler Coster on the excellent service which I received from him recently when I needed to call in last Saturday (26th May) at the PB Tech store in Main South Rd, Hornby, Christchurch. I had come in to pick up a repair job (on my mobile) and make a formal complaint about another repair job on my laptop. The laptop issue was regarding a problem with its hdmi port, after it had become unreliable in connecting to an hdmi cable, due to my cat knocking it off its table and bending the metal frame of the hdmi socket while the cable was still plugged in. I want to thank Tyler for the way he handled the problem I had with the service I’d received, and for the manner in which went out of his way to check the details of the history of the service and looked at it clearly. When I first came in I had decided to just check the status of the issue and that it hadn’t been resolved, and to not use PB Tech again in future for repair jobs. By the time Tyler had looked calmly and pleasantly into the matter, he not only restored my faith in the store and in the technicians, but also had me feeling a lot better about the service to be expected at PB Tech in general. Tyler is an asset to PB Tech and has my sincere thanks for his assistance that day."
Robyn - 28/05/2018
"I want to commend Tyler on his excellent customer service. He could not have been more helpful, professional, patient and understanding. Even though we are not very IT savvy Tyler went out of his way to explain what was required and he also achieved the result we had hoped for. Throughout all our interactions with Tyler he was extremely pleasant to deal with and I would like to congratulate him on his excellent customer service. Sometimes this is taken for granted, but we certainly don’t. At one point while we were waiting I noted his interaction with another customer and it was consistently good."
B - 14/05/2018
"Hey Guys, I'm just writing to say a thankyou for being so cool about fixing an issue. I bought a brand new set of components to build a gaming machine - and one of the memory sticks wasn't being recognized when I put it together. Your tech department put a new stick in and tested it on the spot. It was still doing some weird stuff on reboot - so your guys simply said "leave it with us" and a few days later, after some tinkering with the bios everything was peachy. Thanks for the great service, it will keep me coming back again, and again. Cheers, Tim"
Tim - 06/05/2018
"I was having difficulty in setting up a modem, had spoken with the manufacturer and my ISP without success. I was about to give up, but Marlu in the CHRISTCHURCH store listened to the issues I was having, and set it up for me in store. Works great. Fantastic customer service. I would recommend shopping here with confidence."
Paul - 29/04/2018
"Hi, Alan & Sean from PBT Tauranga worked on my computer, was very impressed with there technical abilities, fast response & great communications--- thanks Guys"
Rodney - 23/04/2018
"Hi I visited manakau branch. Awesome store top service 5/5. Easy efficient service even when busy they found a way to help. Easy and affordable things sold here. Once bought projector screen it was so aweosome so clear and easy to store. All round good and efficient product and service provided by the team. I’d really like to win this months prize as it is a gaming/all round aweosome pc and prize. I would like to start a YouTube and start online streaming and this computer is a vital part to it as I can edit on it and play on it. Also this would be aweosome as I currently do not have enough money to buy this awesome set. I have never won anything and if I won this aweosome prize it would be a very asweosome early Christmas present. Good luck to me."
Aneel - 09/04/2018
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