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"Thanks to Mark Stevens for promptly and courteously attending to a minor defect with a LogiTech Keyboard we purchased. This is the sort of service that keeps me coming back to PB :-)"
David - 17/07/2014
"Kia ora John Thank you for your assistance today in Henderson. I appreciated your honesty and helpfulness in finalising the sale of the brother printer and inks. Kind regards Raewyn "
Raewyn - 15/07/2014
"Oops, submitted prematurely by mistake:) Monica went above & beyond the sales techie requirements. With intelligence, humour and excellent customer service she patiently did PB Tech proud. Thank you for your high staff training & standards of customer focus care!. "
Sally - 10/07/2014
"Re: I recently took my precious laptop in for copying everything from my desktop HDDs and USB's. I wish to praise your Tech staff, in particular Monica Walmsley. She handled all my queries with "
Sally - 10/07/2014
"Fantastic service and follow-up from Xing Loh at PB, and super fast delivery. This on top of a great price ...we are very happy."
R - 24/06/2014
"A lap top was on "special" yesterday at Harvey Norman Manukau at around $1100. Same laptop at PB Tech = $600."
Guest - 23/06/2014
"Recently bought a new Gaming PC from PB Tech, received it today and am extremely happy with it. It has been built very clean with a heap of room and airflow and looks incredible. If I ever need anything computer related again I will be going to PB Tech without hesitation. 10/10 I have been speaking to Xing Loh through my purchase and he has made my purchase easy and simple and without any problems, fast replies and helped with any concerns or questions I had! So thanks again mate! "
Shayden - 12/06/2014
"Hi I wanted to take the time to bring your attention to two of your staff who "saved my bacon"! They went over and above my expectations on customer service and care. I had purchased an Acer Lap top at PB North Shore. Within the first couple of days it started having issues with windows updates and didn't come out of failure to configure mode. Alex tried working on it but to no avail. I upgraded my laptop to a Toshiba and I thought all was well (other than having lost a couple of days of working, as I rely on my laptop). What I hadn't realised was that the setting on the first laptop was to delete all my emails of the server once they had been downloaded!!! I have a legal employment case pending, and all the evidential email correspondence was lost! In a panic I phoned Alex and he urged me to bring my new laptop in. Dylan (a rockstar!) managed to find the emails on my crashed laptop and put them on my new one for me. Saved the day and the case! I'm ever so grateful to the them both for caring enough to go the extra mile. Especially as I could see how busy they were, but they prioritised my work. They are stars and deserve a big fat pay rise and lots of drinks after work (even though Dylan doesn't drink he told me when I offered to buy him some beers!) "
Petra - 12/06/2014
"Hi Brett, Thank You for your mail. The laptop works fine and very good, very good price also. Thank You so much for your service and also the follow up, will recommend it to anyone. Thanks again and kind regards, "
Poi - 12/06/2014
"So far this ipad is nothing short of amazing.I am 81 now and I despair when I think of the time lost from not having this Apple technology .Well done Brett and the Team at PB Tech for making my new pride and joy affordable, its so fast and with the help of another senior citizen who also has an Ipad I am enjoying my new APPLE Ipad; my pride and joy!!!!"
Bill - 11/06/2014
"Hi Bok - just wanted to pass on my gratitude for your colleagues assistance yesterday (Edward). He was really excellent; super patient and listened to my woes - and turned out the original mouse was faulty after all. The replacement is bang on and makes up for the 6 months-or-so of frustrations I've felt up to this point... Really pleased!"
Jack - 05/06/2014
"Hi Paul, Just dropping a quick email to say a BIG Thank You for your help on the phone yesterday, in regards to sorting out a replacement screen for my HP Laptop. You made this issue become seamless and your proactive customer service was second to none.. Your Company should be proud of people like yourself working at PB Technologies, Thank you for sending the replacement part out in time just after 5pm to meet the courier ex Akl for its journey to Wellington. I know when it comes to getting my next laptop or and personal computer equipment, I will be making PB Technologies my first and only stop. Keep up the GREAT WORK..!! "
Barrett - 04/06/2014
"Hi Mason, I just wanted to say thank you to you and Caleb, Dylan and Sharon from the North Shore branch for sorting this out for me. Please could you pass this message on to them. By the time I came back from Sydney I had made up my mind that I would rather do an exchange and pay the difference to upgrade to a higher spec'ed NUC kit than return everything for a refund, so Caleb and Dylan took the time to help me pick out the right one. Thanks again to all concerned, Chris Goffin "
Chris - 01/06/2014
"Dear Alex. Just emailing to say I needed to back up, and install anti virus protection on my laptop. I received patient support and time from Monica and Dylan. I was very pleased with the support I got from both of them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone in my position. My problems were sorted and I am now able to relax knowing my data is fully protected. Kind Regards Lynn Peterson "
Lynn - 27/05/2014
"I was shopping at your store in Porana Road, Glenfield yesterday (Sunday) and had the most wonderful young man serve us. His name was Jay. He was very helpful and suggested things that we would need for our computer. Being as we are older people and need the expertise of someone to look after us. He was brilliant and as he said he hasn't been working there long we were blown away with the knowledge that he had. His service was 10/10. Please pass our thanks on to him. "
Suzanne - 27/05/2014
"Hi Xing Thank you so much for getting the laptop away to us in super fast time - that was terrific. Yes it was received on the Saturday morning and now up and operational - much appreciated Kind Regards Rozanne de Wild "
Rozanne - 27/05/2014
"PB Tech never fails to astonish me with their amazing prices and friendly professional service! PB Tech is my go-to computer store and you should make it yours too! They have everything that you need and at a massivly reduced price compared to any other retailer! "
Nikita - 21/05/2014
"Big thanks to George Sun and Bok Sun from the Henderson branch supporting our company for the last 2 years. No-one has ever beaten their prices and even moving our office into town hasnt stopped me using the Henderson branch for all my IT gear. "
Adam - 19/05/2014
"PBtech has been my supplier for more than 8 years and the customer service and help still the same still day we first do business..Highly recommend to all business in NZ and South Pacific. "
George - 14/05/2014
"Hi there, I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the whole team, we have been totally blown away by the amazing service, great skills, and helpful nature no matter how busy you guys have been. Everyone on the team has been outstanding, (Monica, Thomas, Alex, Eric and Alan) but I did want to pass on my thanks in particular for Dylan for going above and beyond on a couple of the recent jobs, where he was able to diagnose some issues which I have had myself and 2 of my other contractors work on, with no joy, but once Dylan had a look at the job he was the only one who was able to crack it! I think we owe a debt of gratitude to the whole team, so just wanted to say thanks. You guys make us look good. -- Warmest regards, Hilary Best and Jay Best (CEO) Bluestorm Group | Broadband Geek | Fresh Zeal | Your Robot Butler "
Jay - 13/05/2014
"To Lukman Patel and the team at PB Tech. I want to thank you personally for always striving to put the customer first. I have never had a problem dealing with Lukman, and if there ever was a issue with a piece of hardware it was always dealt with promptly. Many thanks once again and keep up the excellent service :)"
Bilal - 12/05/2014
"For the last so many years I am going to PBTech only because they are very trustworthy, honest and they always give you the best advice. I never had any issues with customer service as they are very helpful. I am happy to spend 10 dollars more at PBTech rather than at some unknown online shop."
Manik - 11/05/2014
"I accidentally stumbled upon PB Technologies whilst walking around. Boy when I got inside was I excited. The range of products was, for lack of a better word, stunning. From printers to PCs, ink cartridges to Intel CPUs, there was literally no end to the products in site. I walked in a straight line for 30 minutes and still did not reach the end of the store. I would highly recommend PB tech for any computer or walking enthusiasts, it is a true pleasure to be here."
Luke - 10/05/2014
"I got embarrassingly excited when I realised PBTech had an actual physical retail store. I've bought heaps of these guys online, but there is really something about going into the actual store and being able to walk home with a new graphics card and install it that takes the cake. PB Technologies has to be Auckland's cheapest and best electronics store - don't bother going to Dick Smith or the like, just come here with a list of what you need. Rather then getting a warranty which is really just a joke - like certain shops where you pay a deposit to find out whether or not they deem the fault "user originated," PB Tech do the repairs themselves. They also are happy to offer advice on whatever purchases you are making."
Jon - 07/05/2014
"PB Tech is super cheap - so cheap it's almost suspicious - but with the amount of times I've shopped here I've never once found evidence of it being a front for laundering money or stolen goods. It's just genuinely really cheap. If it isn't cheap enough, you can even save more money by paying in cash, or at the university outlet by being a student or staff member. So great. I don't even bother price checking with other electronic stores anymore cause with their mark-ups there's just no point. The location in Henderson is also super handy - while I usually try and avoid shopping malls like the plague, PB Tech isn't inside Westcity itself but outside which makes the experience all that much easier. I don't go very often, usually only every now and again to replace all my obsolete/broken/missing bits and pieces at once, but when I do I get it all at PB Tech and I don't feel ripped off doing it, which is saying something at an electronics shop."
- 07/05/2014
"I didn't realise there was one of these in Henderson or else I wouldn't have travelled all the way to their branch when I was buying my laptop a couple of years ago. The main draw of PB Technologies is the prices - they are considerably cheaper than the other electrical stores and if you need a new tablet or laptop, this is the place to come. As regards the staff, you do not really get the personal touch. They seem a little indifferent as if you're just another customer to them but I suppose at least they are not pushy. In fairness they are quite knowledgeable about computers and if you go to the likes of Noel Leeming for a computer, the assitant might not have the specific knowledge that these guys have. Overall, if you want a cheap computer, you are unlikely to get a better deal than this place."
Trevor - 07/05/2014
"Need a new laptop, desktop, iPad, mobile phone, or pretty much anything electronic? PB Tech are the people to see. They have a huge range of electronics goods from TV's to mobiles, and all the bits and pieces that go with, usually with better prices than other chain electronics stores. Since I discovered the chain a few years ago, I haven't been anywhere else, as their range is better than anywhere else. I've been in half a dozen times and every time I come away with just what I wanted. Also, their in-house warranty is actually worth something, as they do all their repairs themselves, and seem to know a lot more than your average Harvey Norman or Bond and Bond. I'd also recommend signing up to their newsletter as they'll keep you up to date with their frequent sales, making for even better value."
Oliver - 07/05/2014
"There is an appealing unprofessionalism about the way they do business here, it is kind of a hussle, they are wheelers and dealers, and they are the cheapest shop for computers that I know. They sell all kinds of computer components, which they will amalgamate into a complete computer for only a small charge above the cost of the components. By choosing all the components separately, I put together a desktop computer which rivaled the processing power and graphical capabilities of anything else on the market, at only a fraction of the cost - I literally saved like $500. You would not believe the mark up which a lot of the chain retail electronic shops place on computers. Really cheap computing stuff."
Christopher - 07/05/2014
"Hi Xing. Yes please, that sounds good! Thank you very much. I will tell my friends you guys at PB Tech have great service! : - ) Cheers, "
Nick - 06/05/2014
"Good evening Alex ( North Shore Branch) I am writing to congratulate you and your staff for positive, friendly and expert service you provide for your customers. Last week one of your staff members organised for an i-pad to be fixed within 36 hours so we could send it to Amsterdam with a friend who was then able to deliver it to our son (who is currently living over there). Today, I had a problem with Outlook. I was passing by PB Tech and decided to see if your staff could fix it for me. Within a few minutes, the problem was sorted (it was reading for a double screen - a simple solution) but the technician was helpful and persistent in getting the problem sorted. This is the sort of service that makes PB Tech our first stop destination for anything electronic. And we will happily be telling our friends about the excellent service you provide. Well done and thank you. Kind regards Jan "
Jan - 01/05/2014
"To the Management Last week I purchased a computer from PB Technologies Northshore Ltd and Dylan was the Technician who transferred data from my old computer to the new one, an external hard drive, plus another user. He also installed a number of items such as Google Earth. Additionally, he provided a most useful amount of personal advice on using the new computer. Throughout, Dylan was very professional in his approach to his tasks and showed a considerable knowledge of what was needed to satisfy my questions. At all times he was very personable and cheerful, even when posed with very basic queries! He also offered to help me at any time I needed it, and this was very much appreciated and his advice after the transfer has already helped me to locate some of the transferred data. I want to place on record my appreciation of Dylan's very good abilities and approach to his work. Edwin Eide "
Edwin - 30/04/2014
"Good evening Alex I am writing to congratulate you and your staff for positive, friendly and expert service you provide for your customers. Last week one of your staff members organised for an i-pad to be fixed within 36 hours so we could send it to Amsterdam with a friend who was then able to deliver it to our son (who is currently living over there). Today, I had a problem with Outlook. I was passing by PB Tech and decided to see if your staff could fix it for me. Within a few minutes, the problem was sorted (it was reading for a double screen - a simple solution) but the technician did not charge me and was helpful and persistent in getting the problem sorted. This is the sort of service that makes PB Tech our first stop destination for anything electronic. And we will happily be telling our friends about the excellent service you provide. Well done and thank you. Kind regards Jan Hill Jan Hill M Ed Admin (Hons), Adv Dip Tching the education group ltd PO Box 26480, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand Office Phone: +649 9202173 Home Phone: +649 4268799 Mobile: 021 507684 Email: Website: "
Jan - 30/04/2014
"Hi there, I am sending this email in regards to the excellent customer service I received today at your Wairau store. I brought my laptop in to look at getting the fan cleaned. I was assisted by Dylan, who gave me two options and some helpful advice regarding general maintaninece of my laptop. After blowing some compressed air externally, we turned it on to see how it was running. Dylan told me that I would greatly benefit from buying 2 GB of RAM because it was very slow, which I then bought. Dylan was freindly, approachable, helpful and had a comprehnesive product knowledge. I ended up fixing two problems in one visit. Please send my compliments to him. Regards, Katie "
Katie - 30/04/2014
"Hey Team, Just to let you know what a great service you have. I recently ordered a headset that was in stock at another branch (the other side of the country) so I expected a little bit of a wait. 2 days later, a box arrives at my office. Very pleased. Thanks! "
Daniel - 30/04/2014
"Hi Darren. Last week I returned two Barracuda hard drives that had failed. This morning I received two replacement drives. Thats a turn-around of two business days! I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service that I have received. Being a return under the manufacturers warranty I had expected a bit of a fight, or at the very least a few weeks for the drives to be tested, confirmed broke and swapped out, but no, none of that. Job well done. Many thanks to you and your team. "
Andy - 29/04/2014
"Hi Xing, Projector just arrived here, thank you so much for such prompt service, greatly appreciated. "
sharmeen - 14/04/2014
"Morning Xing. Computer just arrived. Thanks for your help and superb service. Have a great day! "
Devon - 03/04/2014
"Thanks Dave. You guys are the best! "
Jody - 03/04/2014
"Well done Dave The computers arrived this afternoon. Now I just have to get the school techies on to setting them up. Thanks for GREAT service Cindy "
Cindy - 27/03/2014
"Hi Cindy Thank you so much for all your help throughout my visit to your business outlet. You have an amazing and wonderful sales and customer service skill that I always admired. Keep up the good work friend! I already forwarded the links to my niece and once I hear from her, I will let you know and you can make order for me. "
Kebede - 14/03/2014
"Hello Cindy, thanks for your great service today and thanks for putting my screen protector on my S4. "
Greg - 14/03/2014
"Hey Cindy Thank you so much for your time and excellent customer service. Shane and I went to 4 other outlets yesterday and all outlets had appalling service compared to what we experienced with you yesterday. And now you deliver this very detailed and yet very clear email outlining the pros and cons of my choices. I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you again for all your time and flawless customer service. I will come back to you by next week with what I have to purchase once I have discussed this with Jenny. Please let me know the details of your manager, as I think you are a valuable asset to their company and I would like them to know this as well. Best wishes Ash "
Ash - 14/03/2014
"Thank you for the kind customer support and everything you've done. Hope i wasn't too much trouble. :) "
Nathan - 11/03/2014
"Excellent, thank you for your help Sophia"
Peter - 11/03/2014
"You guys do a great job and have excellent service keep up the good work!"
Jono - 11/03/2014
"Thanks for super speedy service. The scanners arrived this morning. They are so dead easy to get working. Great product for our purposes!!“``"
Tracy - 11/03/2014
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