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"I needed a custom built computer for photography. Great service from the Tauranga store. Helpful and friendly staff. Amazing fast computer...very happy. Thanks for making the purchase so easy and hassle free."
Sarah - 31/08/2019
"Just top-notch customer service - as always. I've -never- had a bad experience shopping at PB Tech. They take care of you."
Adam - 09/08/2019
"Massive thank you to Mark N @ the Manukau store. I needed to upgrade a few parts on my gaming P.C and the level of customer service I received from Mark was second to none. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. not only did Mark save me money thanks to his expert advice but he also saved me an uncomfortable couch sleeping experience!!"
Anthony - 09/08/2019
"Had a great streamlined experience when buying my Sennheiser GSP 300's."
zac - 31/07/2019
"Ordered an Inwin 909 since they're discontinued in the US and I couldnt find anyone here with a silver one. Linda from the head office emailed me through the whole ordeal and kept me updated and they shipped that bad boy in no time flat. Shipping was kinda expensive but I expected that and it was a little less than I originally anticipated. Case arrived today in great condition no scratches, dings or dents in an all aluminum and tempered glass 50lb case. Great Job, great service and great shipping. Will buy from here again if I cant find the parts I need in the US."
Mike - 30/07/2019
"I just to express my thanks to PB Tech’s technical staff, specifically Tyler Coster. His guys (Vito) took receipt of a faulty three month Asus laptop yesterday afternoon. It belongs to our engineer, Piotr Nowak who is working with us on our earthquake damaged house in preparation for a court case. I explained to Tyler the urgency and sensitivity of the data on the non-functioning laptop, bought an SSD (that we supplied PB Tech!) to recover the data onto and he and his team have done the rest in record time. Tyler not only called me to followup today to say they had saved the data, he also managed to repair the laptop! What fantastic service for a PB Tech customer who makes a living off the IT gear he has bought from you. Thank you again Joe, superb customer service under pressure."
Jeff - 25/07/2019
"I purchased a PC and accessories Late 2018. The power cord to the PC was faulty and I put off sending an email about it because I could't be bothered with the effort. When I did send the email the person that I talked to had the issue sorted within the day and they have dispatched a new power cord for the PC the same day. Not only is it amazingly fast service but also the customer service was exceptional. The person on the other end of the email was professional and clear in their instructions and questions. I sent them the original email yesterday at 3:44 and after a small simple back and forth received an email this morning with the tracking number for the new cord. I applaud the customer service and the other products I brought in that order. Every other item I bought with that order has worked exceptionally and I often recommend PB Tech because of their Products but now I will because of their service as well."
Josie - 11/07/2019
"Hi PB Tech team, I hardly ever write a review but I must make an exception today. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to two guys from Auckland CBD branch on Queen street. David Sun (Technical dep.) and especially Wenwen Li (I hope I remembered the name correctly) who helped me tremendously when I needed it. During the incredibly busy Saturday *super sale* day, Wenwen spent more than an hour with me to help me pick the right laptop (while still helping other customers). I really appreciate his honest opinions and advices, his approach and positive attitude. Nothing was too much of a problem for him and since I work in hospitality business as a manager, I can only say THANK YOU and AWESOME JOB. My thanks goes to David as well, as he helped me promptly and in a professional way when dealing with an issue that popped up. I could not ask for better service and this branch is really lucky to have these 2 young professionals working in their team. It was the second time I was buying electronics from this branch (first time bought new Huawei P30 for my girlfriend's B-day a month ago) and I will see you guys in 2 months when I will come to buy a new phone for myself. Cheers."
Jozef - 09/07/2019
"I had to buy a new laptop fast because my old one had failed. Carl helped me with the utmost patience and respect and helped me make informed choices. Just a really great customer experience and one that is so seldom seen these days. No pressure to buy a more expensive machine either. They'll be my go to tech store now."
Dorothy - 03/07/2019
"My name's Steven O'Connor and I made a recent purchase of a custom build PC at PB Tech Christchurch. I found your email contact on the website. I am writing to you as I was very happy and impressed with the service and product expertise from one of your staff, Chris Wong, in helping me build my PC. My understanding of computer parts and their performance is limited. However, Chris explained things to me in an easier to understand way and asked me the right questions about what I was looking for. The sale probably almost took an hour which I appreciated his patience. I never felt pressured and I was recommended products that suited me rather than things I didn't need. Chris is a genuine, down to earth and patient salesman, which I will be recommending friends and others who want to sort a computer build to him. Cheers Steven"
Steven - 30/06/2019
"Chat from the Christchurch branch is THEEE man. Have been dealing with him for a while now and every time I see him he always makes me feel welcome & valued. Thanks heaps Chat, and keep up the good work. See you next time bro."
Taane - 27/06/2019
"I was in your shop a month ago and purchased a new PB Tech built PC for my partner along with a couple of 24 inch screen. She was thrilled and really liked the RGB lights at the front, and I liked the 16gb of RAM. One issue with the PC came up which was that the case FANs would only spin at 100% and never wind down. This got more and more noticeable over the course of a week I bought the machine into your service team and explained the issue who and they took it away to see what could be done. When I came back to your store a couple of days later I was told the issue was with the motherboard which is not easily repairable and so they suggest I choose another PC. Well, this is when the team went into overdrive, helping me find a machine with the same CPU, finding more RAM to add to it, hunting down operating system media etc, all while taking their time to explain everything as we went, this was about 15 minutes before your closing time I'll add. The tech guys took me out the back into their service area and took me through what had come out of the old machine, what was going into the new machine and demonstrated to me that all of our data was preserved. When everything was completed I was ushered out the side door (as the store had closed) and I was an extremely happy customer."
Hadley - 22/06/2019
"I am writing this to commend two of your employees. I had an issue with my dash cam recently purchased in your store, so it went into the service department. The issue was that an SD card had been inserted incorrectly and there was no charge because the card could not be retrieved. I went, ultimately, to purchase a new SD, served by Ben Minghan. He noticed the card poking out so he went down to the service department, and with the assistance of Tyler Coster, the card was retrieved. I was happy so left, only to find that the camera was not recording. I returned to the store and Ben went out of his way to assist. I was prepared to replace the camera so another was provided. Ben inserted my SD card, and it did not work, he tried his own SD card from his phone to eliminate the SD card being a problem, and the newly opened unit was not recording either. Ben then spoke to the service Manager and I was given a full credit which went towards the purchase of a different model. I am pleased to advise that that replacement is working as it should. I work in customer service myself, and it was such a pleasure to be treated the way I was yesterday. You should be proud of Ben and Tyler, customer service is their role, but they went above and beyond the call of duty so to speak. Those two employees should be valued. You have definitely got a loyal customer in me now. Thank you and have a good day."
Jo - 22/06/2019
"I purchased at TP Link off your company about 3 weeks back. I have had on going issues trying to get it set up. I have come back to your company 3-4 times to try sort this out. To be honest it has been frustrating a painful dealing with your staff and your phone system. (I seem to always be first in the queue. The best queue is answering the phone) That being said, I met Tyler in your store and shared my concerns. Tyler has gone over and above in helping me. He has been very proactive and took my case on and helped sort what I thought was a never ending issue. I want to say a big thank you for hiring such a clever guy. It is people like Tyler that keeps companies like mine coming back. Please acknowledge Tyler’s great Customer Service."
Ronnie - 22/06/2019
"I came shopping this afternoon to North Shore store with a friend who has had a traumatic time and is completely thrown by any tech.. She had to buy a new laptop cos the one she'd used very occasionally had been lent her by a friend and they wanted it back... "Used" might be too strong a word - she's terrified of the thing.... I would say she is technophobic. Christian at the Service Centre just gave us the most fantastic service in helping get it set up and reassuring her she could do it.. And in the sale she also got it at a good price... Absolutely first class service... I am very impressed - Thank you"
Jenny - 16/06/2019
"We had a small Asus laptop and the screen worked independently from the keyboard. It was around 4 years old and the screen was not charging up or working. My husband took it to you and ask if someone could help us. It turned out that the charging cord from the keyboard to the screen had some broken wires they believe so we purchased a new one for around $6. Your techs checked everything else out and all was working correctly. My husband asked how much it cost to do this and was told don't worry - no cost - we are glad to help out. this is awesome service as we did not purchase this from PB Tech and he had told them that when he took it in. We would honestly buy all our products now from PB Tech. Lovely staff and quick and efficient service. Thank you so much."
Louise - 12/06/2019
"Hey team I just wanted to pass on my gratitude to the staff at yr queens Street store - I've been there a few times now and I can genuinely say they're the best I've come across in the tech field. I'm originally from Wgtn so i'm a little more animated than the quiet Aucklander :-) this store cuts over the Wgtn store to be sure! today I purchased a UHD 4k LG monitor 32" (hopefully you can track down the staff involved with this sale two young employees female and male). I was the to buy a monitor and the female employee took me upstairs to see the large range you have. She switched them on and searched the internet and stock for a while to find the best match - I needed to see if it would work with my mac pro so went downstairs to check this - thats when the male salesperson made his presence and looked further into the types of monitors I could get for my budget - overall it took possibly 20 mins of time - and it was greatly appreciated - please thank them for me."
Greg - 09/06/2019
"I was looking at buying a new computer and went to the Auckland CBD store. Michael Li was a huge help, he gave great advice and was patient while I decided and went through the purchasing process. He did his best for deals and made sure I was informed. Thanks a lot."
Jade - 08/06/2019
"I've shopped at PBTech a number of times in the past, but I wanted to take the time to thank Mark N in the Manukau store. I came in yesterday near closing time to buy some new parts because my old computer had died. I had put together a list of parts (CPU, motherboard, ram etc) that I thought would suit the job. After discussing with him what I needed the computer to do, he gave me honest advice about the parts I needed and brought me up to speed with the latest technology (some of which I was not even aware existed, like the new M.2 SSDs!). Really great customer service, backed up by solid technical knowledge of how everything works! When I got the computer home I was blown away by how fast it was as well, I am so happy with the results! You don't find that kind of service in Noel Leeming or other tech shops anymore, I definitely recommend PBTech to anyone looking to buy their next PC."
Andrew - 06/06/2019
"Since their arrival in Christchurch, PBTech is now always my first stop for my tech needs. I have bought a few items from them now and have used their repair service as well and have never had a bad experience. Their sales are fantastic and their team is happy to help. Keep up the great work."
Nic - 24/05/2019
"hay i purchased a corsair k70 mk.2 keyboard last week and its amazing my mouse on the other hand is not so great so will diffidently be coming back to grab one of those"
levi - 23/05/2019
"Huge thank you to PBTech in general, for quite a long time I have always compared prices between Mighty Ape and here and always this company blasts their prices out of the water! I recently custom built a PC using the handy PC builder that PB has to offer and ever since it appeared in my hands I have enjoyed every second of gaming, speed of booting up, efficiency for my Uni work, etc. And all of it was at good prices and I'll always be continuing to be buying from here! Thank you very much!"
Blake - 20/05/2019
"Extremely high customer service from the Manukau branch. I approached a sales assistant Mark N and questioned him about my desktop I purchased off trade me. He was very helpful went out of his way to have a look at the desktop and gave me honest advice on it. He also recommended certain parts that was missing for the desktop. Not at anytime did he pressure a sale or give me false hope in products thats not needed. Thanks again Mark N for the service will definitely shop here again."
Otto - 15/05/2019
"I'm from Napier and 3 weeks ago I visited your Manukau store (due to a recommendation) as I needed to replace my dead laptop. I was looking closely at an HP laptop that was on display and sought some help. The person I approached was Mark N who was able to answer all my questions and provide other useful (to me) knowledge. I was very impressed that I was not and did not feel pressured at any point like happens a lot in some stores. I returned to the store the next day and caught up with Mark and purchased the item. I really enjoyed your store but as I was only looking for a laptop I didn't really have a good look around but there were certainly a lot of people in the shop. I will definitely deal with your company again. And feeling pressure free made it a very enjoyable purchasing experience. Thank you."
David - 09/05/2019
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