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Safe and secure

Windows 10 has built-in security at no extra cost and secure facial rcognition sign in with Windows Hello so there's no need to remember passwords anymore! Our easy to use parental controls let you manage website access, time limits on devices and app purchases so you can be stress free.

Fast and powerful

Fast and powerful Lightning fast and ready to go. Windows 10 PCs are powerhouses and come with the latest processors and a battery that lasts through the day. Editing videos, finessing photos, opening multiple programs at once - do it all with less lag and more muscle with Windows 10.

Stay connected

Chat, meet, call and collaborate all in one place with Microsoft Teams. Stay productive no matter where you are without compromising privacy. And if you are having Wi-Fi issues at home, you can always count on 4G LTE Windows PCs to get you through un-interrupted work or play in your house or out and about.

Think with ink

Draw, edit and create in fresh, more exciting ways with a digital pen and touchscreen. Combine your Windows 10 PC with the best in class productivity apps in Microsoft 365 with smart assistance features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and set yourself up for success.

Windows Tips & Tricks

Check out new ways to search, find, and get things done

Search your photos

Microsoft Photos comes with a robust set of editing tools, but it also has a smart search function. Search your photos for a person, place, thing, text, favourites, or specific files and folders. Photos adds tags for you, so you can find what you want without endless scrolling.

Increase productivity

Need to see two windows at once? Instead of switching back and fourth between tabs and windows, snap them side-by-side. Select any open window, then drag and bounce it against the side of your screen. All other window syou have open with appear on the opposite side. Select a window to have it fill the open space.

Find it faster

Can't remember where you saved it? Or what you serached for? Get back to something you were doing recently by finding it in your timeline. To open your timeline, select Task View on the taskbar, or press Windows logo key + Tab. Scroll down uintil you find the thing you want to return to, and then click it to pick up right where you left off.

Get the tech you need

Explore devices, apps, and accessories that can help keep you focused, productive, and entertained.


Better together.

Make life more organised, secure, and creative with Microsoft 365. Enjoy 3 more months with eligible purchase.

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