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PB Tech is proud to have been looking after thousands of New Zealand schools, students, educators & IT departments since 1993. We currently support over 1300 different NZ schools!

We strongly believe that students should have access to the best tech to help them learn, create, and develop strong digital & tech skills to bring with them into their futures. With the digital industry ever-growing and technology becoming more and more implemented into our daily lives, it’s crucial that young New Zealanders have access to tech in schools.

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Google Chromebooks are some of the most popular BYOD devices. They run on a unique operating system called Chrome OS and are a simple solution for fast, intuitive and easy-to-manage computing. Designed with education and the classroom in mind, Chromebooks provide access to programmes such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Office and are often much cheaper than standard education notebooks or laptops.


Our range of Windows laptops for Education is extensive, with a plethora of sizes, specs and storage to suit every student. You can easily use Office 365 and Google Docs with Windows laptops and are provided with multiple ports for USB drives, external storage, SD cards and more. They are affordable, robust and dynamic - able to handle a range of software, programs and peripherals.


Macbooks are powerful, sleek, lightweight and portable and run an array of programs such as Garageband and iMovie that are not available on Windows computers. Easily sync your iPads and Apple products to your Macbook for file sharing, storage and collaboration. MacBooks contain powerful processors with lots of memory and storage to handle an array of tasks.


PB Tech is an Authorised Apple Education Reseller and works closely with Apple New Zealand to bring students and teachers in New Zealand the best range of Apple products at the best price. iPads are especially useful for programming software such as Sprint, and work cohesively with many S.T.E.M. and Makerspace robotics.


Surface devices offer a tailor-made Windows experience from Microsoft themselves. With the choice of a conventional laptop or tablet, these devices allow teachers and students to work in the way most comfortable for them. Surface products feature a sleek, ultra-thin design with strong performance.

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Get students excited about technology with devices for primary school aged children. PB Tech stocks a multitude of devices perfect for younger students capable to handle the demands of a primary school digital curriculum.

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Intermediate & High School students need devices that are easy to carry to and from school and are able to last all day long. We stock education devices with loads of speed, battery and portability all in one, making them perfect for Secondary school.


Students in further or higher education need devices which can handle intensive day-to-day use. PB Tech stocks a wide range of education devices that are built to handle multiple programmes and software whilst also being light, portable and stylish too!