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Buying Guide - Mini ITX Chassis at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 23/8/2017
We’ve got a massive range of PC case options here at PB Tech, and of course, being a part of the largest Custom PC Build team in NZ we also have our favourite cases from amongst this range. Below is three of our most recommended chassis for building a small, powerful Gaming PC of your own, well, actually six if you include the colour options a... More


Posted in Articles on 23/8/2017
DJI have made some key enhancements to Spark’s battery management system, a new firmware optimizes the power supply which enhances the drone’s performance and stability during flight. More

Buying Guide - Drones

Posted in Articles on 22/8/2017
The first article in our drone series at PB Tech, we’ll be adding to this as we test out a range of models from our Aerial Imaging Drones category. More


Posted in Articles on 21/8/2017 (updated on 22/8/2017)
The new COZMO robot by ANKI is coming soon to a PB Tech near you! Get your pre-order in today to secure yours from the first shipment due to arrive this September. More

DOTA 2 SteelSeries Winners at PB Tech

Posted in Articles on 08/8/2017
Recently PB Tech teamed up with SteelSeries New Zealand and hosted a competition with a massive travel prize up for grabs - a trip to Seattle to attend the DOTA 2 2017 INTERNATIONAL! Zhou.F took away the main travel prize and is currently at the event enjoying the show, our secondary winner Guo.K has won a massive Evil Geniuses Gaming Gear Pack ... More
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