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Rangi Ruru Girls’ School’s BYOD recommendations:
Students are expected to bring a laptop to school every day (fully charged of course!) to assist with their learning. The best device for learning is a laptop with a touchscreen and a stylus (a digital pen). Current education research tells us that laptops like this lead to an increase in recall and cognition (remembering and understanding).
The devices below have been selected by PBTech to meet the above requirements.
Windows Laptops with Touch screen, Stylus
MS Surface bundle
*Please note, that purchasing the student's device will require your school ID number, this can be replaced with your school email address. Please email the school or PB support if you have any questions. [email protected]
Windows Laptops
The School's minimum Macbook requirements are 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD. 16GB RAM is prefered.
Sleeves and bags
Designed to fit all 12" to 14" laptops. More options can be found on the PB website.