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Nvidia RTX 3080 available now at PB Tech!

Posted in Articles on 18/9/2020

Picture of RTX 3080 at PB Tech New Zealand

The new Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Cards are officially launched and available for order now at PB Tech - and we've got amazing looking RTX 3080 graphics cards from ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI and PNY to check out!

We now can see some very cool new options, and with benchmarks popping up all over the interwebs highlighting a significant performance step up compared to last generations most powerful (and expensive) offering, the RTX 3080 is ridiculously good!

For those just tuning in, the new RTX 3080 graphics cards offer performance above that of the previous RTX 2080Ti while costing a little less. With the RTX 3080 that performance hits new highs - and you're also going to want a 4K monitor to get the most out of this graphics card. Smashing records around the world already, these new beasts have the ability to add new visual effects to games that support real-time raytracing - that feature aside for now though, the RTX 3080 certainly pushes out a lot of FPS in all the games we want to play.

There are a few key changes to the design too, the new size is particularly important for those looking to build with the new RTX Graphics Cards right away!


- Most have a 2.5+ Slot Design: We are now quite used to fat, two-slot card designs, but these new RTX models are frankly massive (Gigabyte RTX 3080 shown below on right), occupying pretty much three-slots! This is generally fine if you're not planning on using the PCIe slots just below for a WiFi card or other component, but if you are, make other plans. Also, remember to factor this large size in if you are planning a build with horizontal GPU mounting kits as this new size could make the stylish mounting rather difficult - actually pushing out past the glass side window panel. Don't worry if you're building small though, there are a few, like the EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 which are still slim enough to be used in some mini PC.

- Some GPU only have 1x HDMI: The new RTX 3080 series do not have a DVI monitor output, instead coming with 3x DisplayPort and 1x or 2x HDMI outputs on the back, the number of HDMI varies between models.

- 8 Pin+8 Pin external power needed: Nothing new for the highest end Graphics Card owners, but something to consider if you're upgrading from the mid-range. Both Asus and Gigabyte recommend a 750w power supply for new RTX PC builds too.

- SLi is only for RTX 3090: The RTX 3080 has no connections for the new Nvidia NVLINK Bridge, this is a feature exclusively for the upcoming RTX 3090 (right now)

Picture of RTX 3080 Power Inputs on Asus graphics card
The RTX 3080 series takes 2x 8-Pin Power Inputs, most models recommend a 750w PSU
Picture of monitor outputs on a Gigabyte RTX 3080 Graphics Card
Some RTX 3080 have 2x HDMI, like this Gigabyte OC model

The rest is very much hype! We have RTX 3080 options available right now with RTX 3090 set to release on the 25th of September (at 1am, see you then!), and the RTX 3070 expected in mid October.

Until then we have more stocks incoming for EVGA, Asus & Gigabyte, and limited stock right now that’s available for order!

The team is keeping busy adding all the latest models of Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards & RTX Gaming PC featuring this awesome new hardware at PB Tech, check out the latest in Video Cards at PB Tech today!

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