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Nvidia RTX 3090 Available now at PB Tech!

Posted in Articles on 25/9/2020

Picture of RTX 3090 Graphics Card at PB Tech NZ

UPDATE: See the latest RTX 3090 Custom PC Builder at PB tech

The new Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics cards are available for order now at PB Tech, and they’re the fastest gaming graphics cards ever made, as you’d expect for the latest Nvidia Flagship, but this whole 30 series is somewhat special as it’s quite a significant increase!

A leap in power this massive is set to shake things up for both game developers, who can quite literally do a lot more now, and for the gamers as we all get to enjoy what this latest generation RTX 3090 makes possible.

The new RTX3090 graphics cards are big and beautiful, with new models from Gigabyte Aorus, Asus ROG, EVGA, PNY and MSi all looking utterly awesome. Some of the new GPU occupy almost 3 slots in a system build, with others much slimmer in a variety of 2.x slot form factors. What’s really surprising is how many really slim options we get this time - the new EVGA XC3 series has such designs - great news for those who are planning to build a small form factor computer for the lounge! There has even been a Gigabyte RTX 3090 teased with a blower type cooler that’s 2-slot in size, with power cables on the back making it pretty perfectly suited for dual graphics card builds.


- SLi is possible with the RTX 3090: But it’s something we’ll have to wait on for a little bit longer for. We’ll need a new special bridge that’s still to be released for the aftermarket graphics cards. It’s called the Nvidia NVLINK and with it we’ll be able to take two SLI-ready 3090 graphics cards and connect them together.

- RTX 3090 can have 3x 8-pin Power Inputs: Thankfully, there are plenty of models available which only require 2x 8-pin power inputs, with those also recommending a 750w power supply unit. If you’re thinking of going for one of the larger cards with triple inputs be sure to check out the EVGA SuperNOVA G5 as it’s got the cables needed to get the job done.

- Some RTX 3090 have very large coolers: Be sure to check the IO picture as you shop for a new RTX 3090 graphics card, some of the models provide superior cooling through the use of extremely large heatsinks, and this could be large enough to block other slots on your motherboard that you’re using, or are planning to use, for another component, such as a WiFi card. As above the great news is we’re also treated to an abundance of slim designs too, opening up a range of new build options in exciting small PC cases, such as the new Cooler Master NR200P, just remember to double check those RTX 3090 length measurements!.

- Custom Water Cooling with EKWB: There are a range of new RTX 3090 water blocks incoming to NZ from the custom cooling experts at EKWB. The blocks are quite specific as to which GPU they’ll actually fit, so be sure to use the configurator tool linked in the description of each block to check compatibility.

Picture of power inputs on ROG RTX 3090 Graphics Cards
Thankfully most models only need 2x 8-pin power, but this ROG RTX3090 needs 3x
Picture of RTX 3090 Graphics Card outputs
Some of the coolers are rather large, occupying multiple slots
Picture of SLI connectors on the RTX 3090 Graphics Card
The SLi connections will require a new NVLINK bridge that’s still to come

So there we have it! Exciting new RTX 3090 options, along with more in the RTX 3080 range available right now. The next RTX 3070 graphics cards are to release mid October in NZ, likely at 1am, so we look forward to seeing you all again then for more of the latest!

The team is busily adding all the pictures and specs for the latest RTX 3090 models of Nvidia Graphics Cards & RTX Gaming PC powered by this incredible new hardware at PB Tech, shop all the new models in Video Cards at PB Tech today!

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