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Frequently Asked Questions

EZVIZ cameras have free local storage via Micro SD card (up to 256G) and Cloud storage options via subscription.

Yes you can access using the methods below;

For Windows Users via Software
The latest version of EZVIZ Studio can be downloaded from here

For Mac Users via Web Browser
If you want to use Chrome, please follow below steps to set it up:
1) Open Chrome browser and go to the Chrome web store
2) Search "IE tab‘’ tab in Chrome web store and install the "IE tab"
3) After installing, click the icon if "IE tab" at the right top concern (you need to install a plug-in after first time clicking the icon)
4) Then go to the “IE browser”, enter the address in "IE browser address bar", 5 log into your EZVIZ account, you'll be able to use it.

You can install the “Video Plugin for Mac” via the EZVIZ support center

For Internet Explorer Browser Users
You can access your EZVIZ camera via Internet Explorer Browser here!displayUserInfo.action

1) Download the PC application "EZVIZ Studio"
2) Login into the account
3) Go to device advanced settings
4) Click “Event-Schedule-Recording Schedule”
5) Choose all-day recording template

1) Open the EZVIZ app
2) Go to Live View page of the camera you want to share
3) Now tap the Sharing icon in the top right
4) Enter the account you want to share with
5) Select the permissions you want to authorize (Live View and Playback are selected by default) and tap “Save” to finish
6) A sharing invitation will be sent to the recipient immediately. The recipient need to accept the invitation and then monitor the device based on the permission authorized by you.
7) Note that the user must have an EZVIZ account and the account must be registered in the same region as your account.
8) If you are the shared user, you can accept or deny the shared camera. Once you’ve accepted the share, you’ll notice a little tag in the Devices card telling you the username of the person that shared the device with you.
9) Also, you could manage all the sharing and shared devices on My Share of More tab.


Requires connection to the base station
Local storage on base station via MicroSD Card - Max 256GB
12900mAh battery capacity

Connects to home Wi-Fi directly
Built-in 32GB Local storage on camera
7800mAh battery capacity


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