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Why IBM Global Financing?

With a global reach and expertise in IT financing, working capital and credit, IBM Global Financing offers flexible payment plans and leasing solutions for IBM software, services and IT infrastructure including preowned servers and storage.

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How IBM Global Financing Can Help

Optimise Cash Flow

Minimize upfront payments to help align project costs with anticipated benefits.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Fair market value leases to reduce costs compared to outright purchase.

Maintain Financial Predictability

Fixed term Loans with predictable costs and flexible leases with the ability to upgrade during the lease period.

Reduce Risk of Obsolescence

Lease options that assure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date and remains affordable.

Get A Quick Quote

Get a quick quote with the IBM easy-to-use calculator. Which will provide you with a simple estimate for financing your new acquisition. You will receive the estimate in seconds after entering just a few facts about the transaction.

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