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User permissions

How To Set User Permissions

At PB Tech, your security is our top priority. All our term accounts come with full user permission controls, allowing you to view and manage individual account permissions for each of your staff.

Creating individual users for each of your staff is a good idea, as this lets you know which users have placed orders or logged repair jobs. You can also restrict users from viewing sensitive data and only allow them to place orders for products approved by you.

Manage users

The Order Authorisation Feature

One of our useful online tools for managing purchases is our Order Authorisation feature, which stops unauthorised orders from being made on your account.

This feature allows you to set Request or Auth permissions types for each of your users. When a user with a Request permission type places an online order, we will first request permission from an Authorised user (set by you) before processing the order.

Watch the video for a step through guide of how this handy feature works. If you have any additional questions you can contact us directly and we will do our best to help.

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