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Wish List / Saved Lists

If you are signed in to your online PB Tech account. You will be able to view your Wish List and other Saved Lists which you have created. The Wish List is a great way to save your favourite products for quick and easy access at a later date or on a different device.


Saving a product to your Wish List

To save any product on the PB Tech website to your Wish List, simple visit the product page of the product you want to save. Then under the 'Add to Cart' button there will be a grey 'Add To Wish List' button. To save the product to one of your Saved Lists. Click the drop down arrow button next to the Wish List button. This will allow you to save the product to one of your Saved Lists or create a new Saved List.

add a product to your wish list


Adding Your Wish List To Your Cart

To view your Wish List or any of your Saved Lists, you can find the 'Lists / Quotes' menu item in your account, as shown below. Clicking on your Wish list will allow you to view the saved products in your Wish List. You may want to add your Wish List to your shopping cart? Just click the orange 'Add to Cart' button on the Wish List.

List / Quotes page

how to add Wishlist to shopping cart

Wish List page

add your Wish list to the cart


Share your Saved Lists or Wish List

You can share your Saved Lists or Wish List with friends, family or work colleagues by clicking the 'Share this list' button. This will save a link to your clipboard which you can paste into an email, document or messaging app to send someone.

Share your Saved Lists or Wish List


Wish List Email Notifications

Get notified by email when something in your Wish List is discounted or goes on sale. You can control which items in your Wish List you want to be notified about by clicking on the checkbox in the 'Sale Notification' column for each item.

Wish List email notifications


How to delete your Wish List

Every PB Tech online account has a Wish List by default. Unlike a Saved List, you can not delete your Wish List, but you can remove the items in your Wish List.


How to remove an item from your Wish List/ Saved List

You can remove any item from your Wish List or Saved List by clicking on the green 'Edit List' button and then clicking on the 'x' icon next to the item you want removed from your list. Once you have finished removing items from your list, click the orange 'Save List' button.

remove an item from your Wish List

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