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Repair Services

Learn more about the technology repair services offered by PB Tech, call us on (09) 526 9200 for a free quote or check the status of your existing service job.

Authorised repairer for leading brands

PB Tech is an authorised service centre for some of the world's leading technology brands including HP, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo and Gigabyte.

With over 22 years experience supporting and repairing technology devices you can trust PB to provide high quality technology repair and troubleshooting services.


Our 5 Star Guarantee

At PB we take pride in delivering professional technology repair services of the highest calibre. If you entrust us with your device to repair we promise to:

  • To get the repair done right the first time
  • Respect your data and privacy
  • Minimise your repair costs
  • Return the unit as fast as possible
  • Respect your equipment

Looking for spare parts for your device?

At PB we stock a wide range of spare parts for notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, servers, monitors and more. We also carry the latest repair tools you can use to carry out D.I.Y. repairs on your own device.

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Handy service centre locations throughout New Zealand

Every PB Tech store had a dedicated service centre where we can inspect, troubleshoot and in many cases repair a variety of technology devices.

Our main service centre is located at 587 Great South Road, Manukau, Auckland and if a device cannot be repaired at one of our stores it is sent here for processing and repair.

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Check the status of a current job

Check the status of your existing service job.

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