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Smart Building

Buildings today are complex concatenations of structures, systems and technology. Each of the building components are being developed and improved to allow modern-day owners to customize lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems independently, as if, orchestrating a home entertainment system. On top of these, smart buildings deliver building services to make occupants productive at the lowest cost, and with minimum environmental impact.

Connecting Building Systems

Modern buildings are built with complex mechanical devices, sophisticated control systems and a suite of features to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of occupants. IBASE offers various x86 or ARM-based industrial motherboards, embedded systems as well as stainless steel, fanless all-in-one, HMI, door sign or heavy-duty industrial panel PCs sizing from 4” to 21.5” or above. They are ideal for building management systems that offer smart building solutions to provide comfortable and smart living conditions.