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PB Tech x Te Taura Whiri te reo keyboard

Does your organisation regularly use Te Reo Māori in its work and communications? Do you find yourselves stymied by the lack of support for specific features when typing in Te Reo Māori like macrons?

PB Tech and the Māori Language Commission are excited to have created a Te Reo Māori keyboard solution to make it as easy as possible to type in Te Reo Māori. It comes with an integrated spell-checker and toggles seamlessly between a traditional QWERTY and Te Reo Māori keyboard.

Built in conjunction with the Māori Language Commission, our Te Reo Māori keyboard will be available on laptops, standalone keyboards, and Chromebooks. 

Excited to equip your organisation with te reo Māori keyboards? Fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with more details.

Pre-configured te reo Māori keyboards

Pre-configured te reo Māori Chromebooks for education

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