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Working towards a sustainable future

PB Tech takes its commitment to the environment seriously, we are IT industry leaders delivering a more sustainable future.

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With environmental issues on the rise, more pressure is being put on organisations to take socially responsible steps in order to minimize damage to the environment for strive to safeguard our environment for future generations. In the IT industry, Sustainable IT is a phrase used to describe the manufacture, management, use, and disposal of IT in a way that minimizes the damage to the environment.

PB Technologies does more than simply comply with all environmental regulations required of our business operations in the ANZ region. We constantly seek and implement additional environmental protection activities to ensure we go above and beyond with our sustainability efforts. The include recent advancements in Waste reduction, power reduction, greater resource productivity and reduction of environmental impacts of production and consumption. We work with our customers to enable new and better ways of doing things and this innovation has sustainability built into it.


What Are We Doing?

We consider the environment in our daily operations, such as:

  • Meeting all environmental legislation and regulation requirements that apply to our company.
  • Ensure our activities do not lead to environmental pollution in the areas in which we operate.
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources by efficient use of water, energy and other natural resources.
  • Recycling plastic and cardboard that comes through our warehouses and stores.
  • Packaging online orders with recyclable materials.
  • Providing staff training on how they can reduce environmental impact in their role.
  • Make purchasing decisions in line with our commitment to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Support suppliers and contractors to achieve similar high environmental standards.

Not only do we collect information and details on this activity but actively and proactively monitor the effectiveness and performance of our operations and activities in the region.


Our Sustainability Progress

PB Tech’s 2nd Life Sustainability Programme takes technology that is reaching the end of their initial lifecycle, and reconditions them so they can begin working like new again and have a second life.

Any devices which are unfit to be re-conditioned and re-used we safely dispose of them in a sustainable way. Sustainable I.T. disposal ensures that e-waste doesn't up in a landfill, where the toxic substances it contains can leach into groundwater, among other problems.

In 2018 alone, we recycled over $45 million worth of tech that may have ended up in landfill.

In addition to reducing our own emissions, as a green procurement initiative PB tech selects vendor partnerships based on a number of criteria and heavily weighted in this onboarding decision is the environmental impact that and actions toward reducing their own CO2 emissions in order to help contain global warming.

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Your Sustainable Partner

PB Tech is taking the necessary steps to help create a carbon-free future society.

We are pleased to have a partnership approach with our supply chain to work toward reducing emissions that jointly can produce even greater reduction effects, while also expanding the network of these activities through the supply chain we hope to cover an even wider area spreading beyond PB Tech’s natural influence.

As a result, all of our main suppliers have undertaken efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions. By signing up to PB Technologies Environmental Sustainability policy you can be certified that:

    1. None of your returned devices will leave ANZ region
    2. All devices the reach EOL will be disposed of in a carbon neutral fashion
    3. All data will be cleansed in an industry standard and certified fashion
    4. Where possible your returned devices will prevent a manufacture of a similar device

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