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Recognising our green partners

Organisations committed to reducing e-waste going to landfills

Organisations with the PB Tech Sustainable IT certification are committed to making sure their ageing IT infrastructure doesn’t end up in landfills.

Organisations displaying PB Tech’s Sustainable IT certification are actively involved in PB Tech’s Second Life Sustainability Programme.

The programme takes technology reaching the end of their initial lifecycle, and reconditions them or reuses them to extend their utility in the economy.

Any devices unfit to be reconditioned and reused is safely disposed of in a sustainable way. This ensures that e-waste doesn't end up in a landfill either in New Zealand or in a developing country; where transportation of the waste generates tonnes of carbon emissions and the toxic substances in e-waste can leach into groundwater, among other problems.

PB Tech’s Sustainable IT certification programme makes it easy for customers to identify organisations taking responsible steps to manage e-waste.


Learn more about PB Tech’s green initiatives

Find out more about PB Tech's Environmental Sustainability Policy and our Second Life Sustainability Programme:

Sustainable IT certified companies

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