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Digital Signage

IBASE offers a full range of digital signage products for various applications by providing entry, mid-range or high performance models that feature fanless or segregated ventilation designs. IBASE digital signage players enhance the customer experience, projecting sophisticated displays in Ultra HD single or multiple screens video wall and with advanced remote management that easily refreshes content and increases uptime while lowering costs.

Indoor Signage

As a leading designer and manufacturer of media players, IBASE produces reliable systems for 24/7 operability in commercial environments such as shopping malls, restaurants, banks and airports where conditions in temperature, humidity and ambient lighting are consistent. IBASE uses world-class components, including industrial-grade processors from Intel and AMD with high reliability and long product life cycles. From single to multiple output displays, passive or active cooling, IBASE’s products can fully meet and satisfy the needs of customers for different applications and sectors.

Outdoor Signage

IBASE offers a series of rugged outdoor digital signage players that have wide operating temperature, wide range of DC power input support for operation in harsh environments or in-vehicle applications. Digital menu boards, ticketing kiosks and public buses are some of the example applications for these systems that are deployed in uncontrolled, harsh environments, are possibly exposed to direct sunlight, wide variations in temperature and extreme weather conditions. Even in tough conditions, IBASE’s outdoor signage solutions deliver the same performance as its indoor counterparts, while also providing resistance to dust and dirt.

How IBASE Digital Signage Player Works

Slim & Compact Designs

Digital Signage White Papers


    Outdoor-Ready Tech Offers Growth opportunities 

    Outdoor digital signage is demonstrating its worth, but it takes technology designed for use in a wide range of conditions to ensure that signage operates properly.


    New Applications for Efficient Digital Signage Management

    As investment in digital signage networks continues to increase, new management tools are being developed to help protect that investment.


    The Next Step in Video Wall Technology

    While systems for controlling video walls have suffered either from lower-than-desired resolution or high operating costs, there are solutions coming on the market that are designed to address both of those issues.


    Outdoor Placement Brings Excitement and New Opportunities to Digital Signage

    The IBASE IDOOH-210-IR Outdoor Panel PC Can Deliver Your Targeted Messages Flawlessly Out-of-Doors 24-Hours a Day, Even in Harsh Weather Conditions.

iBase Digital Signage Devices